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Advisor: Jamie Toivonen, 406.324.2603

When:¬† This is a credit bearing class that is¬†taken during the student‚Äôs regular class schedule, but students are required to attend games and functions to obtain quotes and photos. Some fundraising is required‚ÄĒconcessions, selling ads, selling yearbooks, etc.

Who:  10-12 grade, but acceptance requires an application. 9th graders must obtain special permission.

Yearbook is where creative thinkers, writers, photographers, designers, and team players get together to make permanent memories of our school year, published in our the school annual, ‚ÄúCapital Dome.‚ÄĚ

All photos and yearbook orders are to be directed to: (this allows larger images to be emailed, where as the school email blocks many large images)

Website to purchase a yearbook: