Transportation & Parking

There are various ways that students get to school. Below are a few common avenues that our students use. If you have further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact our Main Office at 406-324-2500.

Parent Drop Off/Pick Up

Parents who drop student(s) off in the morning and/or pick them up in the afternoon, please DO NOT pull into the parking lot area – this is the FIRE LANE and must remain accessible in the event of an emergency. There is a separate drop off area outside the parking lot on Valley Drive where you may safely drop off/pick up your student(s). Thank you for your cooperation.

Bus Schedule & Routes

If your student will need to ride the bus, please see the District Transportation Website.

Student Parking

If students provide their own transportation they are required to purchase a Parking Permit each year to park in our Student Parking Lot. The permit may be transferred from one vehicle to another, but each vehicle parked on school property must be listed on the registration application and must display the appropriate permit.

Each Parking Permit is $5.00 each year. In order to obtain a permit, a student must complete the Student Parking Permit 2023-2024 application (with parent signature) and submit it to the Main Office along with proof of a valid driver’s license and current registration for the primary vehicle. License plate number(s) must be included or the application will be denied. Once the permit is received, it MUST be visibly placed on the vehicle’s dashboard or in the rear view mirror so as to be seen from the front of the vehicle EACH time the vehicle is parked in the CHS parking lot during the school year. Failure to do so can result in a Parking Violation.

Students are not allowed to park in the faculty or visitor parking areas. Students may park ONLY in the west student lost unless otherwise authorized by CHS Administration. It is the student’s responsibility to update vehicle information with Main Office as necessary. If found in non-compliance, the student may be fined

Parking Permits will be sold starting August 22nd.

NO student parking in the following areas:

  • Front of the Building
  • Small Parking Lot on the West Side
  • Back of the Building
  • Around the Tennis Courts

**If student vehicles are found parked in these areas they will receive a fine; upon repeated offenses may lose parking privileges. Thank you for your cooperation.