From the Principalā€™s Desk

Dear Bruin Community:

Welcome back (or welcome to) Capital High School! Please be sure to take time to review the list of activities, schedules, and expectations contained in this guide to help ensure your success this year!

We will continue to focus on ensuring that all graduates are both college and career ready. To help meet such a lofty goal, we will continue to use the PLC (Professional Learning Community) process where staff collaboration will equate to a focus on student learning in light of the Montana State Standards. PLC time will occur once again each Monday afternoon this year, meaning that all students will be released early. In our district, we have been closely tracking ACT data as it coincides with the implementation of the PLC model of professional development. As a matter of fact, both state and national ACT leaders are also paying attention to data coming out of 100 Valley Drive in Helena, MT. Iā€™m pleased to say that just last year, Capital High School was selected as the 2017 Montana College and Career Transition Award recipient for the ACT College and Career Readiness Campaign.

CHS is home to a hard-working and caring staff. Likewise, CHS is fortunate to have hard-working students who want to excel both inside and outside the confines of the classroom. This is an exciting time to be a part of Capital High School- take advantage of all of the opportunities found here. It is a great day to be a Bruin!


Brett Zanto
Capital High School

Parent Council

The CouncilĀ meets the firstĀ Thursday of each month at Capital High in the Library Conference Room atĀ 12pm.

We welcome all CHS parents!! Ā Please come meet with me to connect as well as share concerns, ideas, information etc. Ā Please sign in as a visitor in the Main Office then proceed to the Library Conference Room, located in the back of the Library. Ā I hope to see you there!

12:00Ā ā€“ 12:30 ā€“ Lunch Meeting with Mr. Zanto ā€“ CHS Library Conference Room