Capital High School Library

Hours:  7:45 – 2:45

Jeanne Morigeau – Librarian   —   406-324-2505   —

Susan Selvig – Librarian    —     406-324-2504    —

Sherri Colberg – Textbook Manager, Library Secretary — 406-324-2503   —

Library Catalog & Databases

Library Catalog & Databases

  • Search for available books
  • Search Databases
  • Keep track of your research
  • Username: School Username  Password: Student ID


Checkout ebooks and audiobooks with Sora (Digital Library)

  1. Download the App or use a browser
  2. Find your school (Capital High)
  3. Sora Login – Username: School Username  Password: Student ID
Ask a CHS Librarian

Ask a CHS Librarian

CHS students have access to our “Ask a CHS Librarian” Team.  If you have questions, please send us a message.

Research & Databases

Research & Databases

Passwords are needed to access databases from home

  • Gale database: bruins
  • Salem Online Resources: chsbruins.
  • World Book: username helena11 and password student
Student Made Children's Books

Student Made Children's Books

PEAK students in grades 8-10 recently wrote and illustrated original children’s books. These books are research based, and they cover topics ranging from how orange juice is made to the color spectrum to mental health. The books were then turned into short videos.

YouTube Links to Children’s Book Videos:

McKenzie Wilson: “The Colors of Priz” (Learning About the Color Spectrum)

Stella Johnson: “How Can Animals Fall From The Sky?”

Aaron Heisel: “Tissues: What Are They Really?” (Fun facts about how tissues are made)

Carter Slead: “An Apple A Day” (Nutritional facts)

Fox Rowland: “Inside a Mind: A Children’s Guide to Mental Health” (Easy-to-understand facts about anxiety, depression, and ADHD)

Teagan Clement: “The Color Crew” (facts about the color spectrum) *Not narrated

Paedyn McArthur: “All About Orange Juice” (how orange juice is made + other fun facts about this beverage)

Selah Frederickson: “The Second Defenestration of Prague” (History lesson)

Brailey Sublette: “What’s In Our Solar System?” (A guide to planets along with different astrology facts)

Tanner Davis: “Buzzy Bee’s Guide to the Flower Field” (facts about different flowers) *Not narrated