Career & Technical Education

For more information please contact Sandra Mertesdorf at 324-2531 or  


The English department at Capital High School is the largest department in the school since every student gets to take four years of English. The English curriculum covers various aspects,…

Fine Arts

Art and Photography The atmosphere of a class in the Art Department is different from any other class in school. There is a relaxed feeling as students quietly and enthusiastically…

Health Enhancement/Human Performance

For information regarding the Health and PE department please contact Lisa Waterman at 324-2601 or


For information about the math department please contact Ryan Swenson at 324-2548 or

Project Lead The Way

For more information please contact: Tanner Duncan 324-2563 Helen Bosch 324-2565


For information about the science department please contact Christina SieminskiĀ at 324-2577 or

Social Studies

For further information please see the Social Studies Webpage. Social Studies Website & Links The Capital High School Social Studies Department offers a wide variety of instruction within our core…

Special Needs/Education

For information about the Special Needs department please contact Heidi Foreman at 324-2582 or

World Languages

For information about the World Language department please contact Trudy Wood at 324-2527 or