CHS Bruin Boys Soccer

Welcome to the Capital High School Boys Bruin soccer program. Below you will find information about the program that will help you and your player to be ready for the 2020 Bruin soccer season. As a staff, we are very excited and look forward to working with you and your son.

June 15 – July 31 – Summer Training.  All training takes place at NW Park adjacent to CHS

This program is run by the upper classmen, coaches may or may not be there at any time. This is not a mandatory program; however, it is highly recommended, and it is a great time to get to know your teammates, coaches and stay in soccer shape. Our expectation is that every player come into tryouts in August in top shape. Players that don’t come in shape have more injuries and that means the coaches don’t get to see them at their best. Plus, it’s fun to play soccer which mostly what we do during our summer training program.

For each training bring soccer specific shoes (or cleats, which we call “boots”), running shoes, shin guards, socks long enough to cover your shin guards, water and a white shirt. 

Monday – Thursday 7-9 am (updated 6/24/2020)

Wednesday 5-7 pm (goalkeepers and shooting/finishing). (updated 6/24/2020)

August 1: Players only training sessions
MHSA rules provide that between August 1 and August 13 no coaches can participate in training sessions.

August 13: Last day physicals can be turned in to CHS trainer Sean Ruff in the training room

Any physicals not turned in to Mr. Ruff by the 13th should be brought with you to the first day of the fall soccer program. If you do not have a physical, you may not participate on August 14th until you do.

August 14: Official First Day of Fall Soccer Program.  Tryouts start at 8:00 am at NW Park. You must have a physical by this date.

8:00-9:00am: Hand in required forms.
No forms, no tryout. Forms can be found on the Athletic page at

9:00 – 12:00 Tryouts and evaluation of players.
Bring soccer shoes, shin guards, white t shirt and a water bottle. You do not need a ball.

August 15: Tryouts Continue

9:00 – 11:00 Try outs continue.

1:00-2:00 Goalkeeper tryouts.

2:00-3:30 Tryouts continue.

It is important to note that your son will need 10 practice days before he can play in a regular season game. This is especially important this year as we have only 13 practice days before our first match. Please make sure you take this into consideration when making plans after August 14.   

TBD August: Impact testing at Capital High School

Impact testing a pre-test of cognition. Montana recognizes the issues with concussions, and no player is immune to them. The Impact test documents a baseline that healthcare professionals will use when diagnosing, treatment and resolving concussions.  Freshman are strongly encouraged to get the testing done – it is free and conducted at the high school.  See the section on concussions below for more information about impact testing.

August 17: Last Day of Tryouts and Team Selection         

7:00-9:00am Tryouts conclude

9:00-10:00 Team selections announced.

August 18thFall preseason camp begins daily twice a day training Monday – Friday

7:00-9:00am &

5:00- 7:00pm

Cancelled August 21: Team Barbeque. Families Invited!                           

6:00pm Spring Meadow Pavilion

Cancelled August 22:  Mandatory Parent Meeting (At least one parent must attend)

10am Capital High School Auditorium

August 22: Capital High School Fall Sports Kick-Off BBQ

11amCapital High School. Free food! Activity fees can be paid. Bruin gear for sale.

August 24: Preseason Camp Continues Monday – Friday

7:00-9:00am &

5:00- 7:00pm

Depending on progress we may move to one training session per day

CHS 2020-21 Boys Soccer Schedule rev 6-25-2020

August 26: First Day of School for Freshman

August 27: First Day of Competition

Our fall match schedule comes to coaching staff by mid-June. We will release to team/parents as soon as we have confirmed dates.

Social Media:

The primary social media we use is the Remind app system to communicate with players and parents about scheduling, practice, games or other team related issues. This is  primary way to find out about what is happening week to week. To sign up for the Remind system and receive messages via text, text @680a7 to 81010. You can also check us our on Facebook, our website,; and we even got a Twitter, @CapitalHighFC for a peek into the broader world of soccer.

In-Season Practice Information:

Practice will be every weekday from 4:00-6:00pm that we don’t have games – for all players.  It is important that you attend every training session because we use a system of play that is taught in increments and not all at once.  Missing practice may mean that you miss something vital and could impact your success and correspondingly that of the team.  If you have to miss practice, we would appreciate it if you would call, text or email one of us and let us know.

Parent Leadership Group:

Charlotte Lauerman: (Senior parent rep)

Leah Kailey: (Junior parent rep)

Molly LeChere: (Sophomore parent rep)