CHS Bruin Wrestling

2024 Summer Training

2024 Wrestle Up Helena Camp – June 26-28


6:00-7:30 PM


10 Reasons YOUR Child Should Wrestle

  1. Anyone Can Do It–  You are grouped by age and weight, so it doesn’t matter if you are small, short, tall or big.  Every size and shape has a style that can be successful.  Wrestling is one of the few sports where a child’s foot speed, ball-handling skills, hand-eye coordination and size do not matter.
  2. Everyone Gets To Participate– Unlike team sports , there is no riding the bench.  No politics or favorites.  Every wrestler has a chance to participate and compete.
  3. They Learn Valuable Life Lessons:
    1. Personal Accountability–  When you win, it’s because you did it.  No one else takes credit; no one else to blame.
    2. Persistence–  Wrestling puts you in situations where you have to dig in and fight to reap the rewards.  It’s all you in a wrestling match and there’s an incredible feeling of getting your hand raised when winning a hard fought match.
    3. Learn How to Handle Adversity– In every match someone will win and someone will lose.  Losing in a team sport is disappointing but it’s different when it’s only you.  In wrestling, you learn how to lose gracefully and more importantly, how to quickly put it behind you and work hard to improve for the next match.  You approach defeat as a part of the learning process.
    4. Humility– Nothing teaches humility better than 1-on-1 sports.  Winning and losing in a 1-on-1 setting brings humility.  There is nowhere to hide and no one to blame but yourself.  All wrestlers will lose at some point and doing so in these conditions teaches humility.  Hard work and discipline are two keys to success in wrestling and both teach humility.
    5. Discipline– Wrestling is discipline.  Repetition of drills, hard work, and continually doing the best thing instead of the easiest thing is discipline.  Wrestling requires postponing instant “wants” to gain something more valuable long term.  It takes discipline and focus to reach goals.
    6. Confidence– Confidence is built through accomplishing hard things.  Praise is fine, but only lasts for so long.  When you master a skill, score with a move you’ve been practicing or win a match over a tough opponent, it’s because of the work YOU put in.
  4. Foundation Sport– Many get into wrestling because they are football players or in other sports and they want to improve their skills.  Wrestling improves body awareness, balance, coordination and the ability to control someone else.  And lastly, it builds a mental grit you won’t find in other sports.
  5. Energy Outlet– Kids have a ton of energy and they need a way to channel it.  Wrestling practices and matches are non-stop with no downtime.
  6. Camaraderie– Adversity has a way of bringing people together, and due to the challenges that a wrestler faces on a daily, basis in practice and competition, the bonds between wrestlers become very strong.
  7. Economically Reasonable–  All you need to get started are some wrestling shoes and some workout gear.  CHS will provide singlets, headgear and warmups for all wrestlers.
  8. Toughness–  Wrestling is a physical, contact sport.  You learn that sometimes you just get poked in the eye.  Physical and mental toughness go hand in hand.  You learn that a little pain or struggle is part of the process of doing great things.
  9. Road-map to Success– Wrestling is the perfect example of what it takes to be successful in life.  Goal setting, hard work, determination, focus, love of challenges, love of competition, confidence, being coach-able, mental toughness, discipline, creativity, team work and accountability.
  10. Fun– It’s fun to win, it’s fun to compete and it’s fun learning and executing new moves.  And while it’s an individual sport, there’s a special bond that wrestlers have.

Doing wrestling to become better at football.


Mat Boss Video System-

What our program is about- The development of character is one of the fundamental missions for the Bruin wrestling staff. Character will be developed in our room through hard work and team competition, developing wrestler both mentally and physically. The physical and mental preparation for the sport of wresting allows young adults to transition into the real world after high school, prepared to succeed at the highest levels. The Bruin wrestling staff teaches the highest caliber techniques, safety, and functional conditioning to give our athletes the greatest chance of being successful.

Practice and Wrestler Expectations- Wrestlers are expected to compete on daily basis in the effort to continually improve. This competition does not only apply to the wrestling season. Wrestlers are expected to excel in the classroom and community representing their families, team, and CHS. Wrestlers are expected to wash their gear daily. Our Varsity team practice twice a day, three days a week during the season. Please see the schedule for specific dates.

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Each athlete MUST have a completed physical form and signed concussion form before they can start practice. Bring the completed forms the first day. All required forms can be found on the Activities Home Page as well as the CHS Main Office. The cost is $90 for the first sport which includes the required activity ticket.

Capital High
Date Team H/A Boys Girls  JV 
Dec. 2 Skyview Away 1:00 PM 1:00 PM 1:00 PM
West Away 3:30 PM 3:30 PM 3:30 PM
Dec. 5 Helena High Away 7:30 PM 7:00 PM 6:00 PM
Dec. 8-9 Butte Duals Away at BHS 10/9 am
Dec. 8-9 Flathead Inv. Away 9:00 AM
Dec. 8-9 Whitehall Away 10/10 am
Dec. 12 Gallatin/Bozeman Away 4/6 pm 4/6 pm 4/6 pm
Dec. 15-16 CMR Holiday Inv. Away 11/10 am 11/10 am
Dec. 16 GFH Inv. Away 9:00 AM
Dec. 21 Hellgate Away 4:00 PM 4:00 PM 4:00 PM
Dec. 21 Big Sky Away 6:00 PM 6:00 PM 6:00 PM
Jan. 2 Butte Home 4:00 PM 4:00 PM 4:00 PM
Jan. 2 Sentinel Home 6:00 PM 6:00 PM 6:00 PM
Jan. 5-6 LeProwse Inv. Bozeman  Away 11/10 am 11/10 am
Jan. 6 Bozeman Inv. Away 10/10 am
Jan. 9 GFH Away 5:00 PM 5:00 PM 5:00 PM
Jan. 9 CMR Away 7:00 PM 7:00 PM 7:00 PM
Jan. 12-13 Rocky Inv. Away 10/9:30 am
Jan. 12-13 Mis. Girls Inv. Hellgate 10/10 am
Jan. 13 Fisher Inv. Away 9:00 AM
Jan. 20 AA Duals Great Falls 10:00 AM
Jan. 20 Lewistown Away 9:00 AM
Jan. 26 Glacier Away 2:00 PM 2:00 PM 2:00 PM
Flathead Away 4:00 PM 4:00 PM 4:00 PM
Jan. 27 Helena High Home 7:30 PM 7:00 PM 6:00 PM
Feb. 2-3 Seeding Helena 2 pm/9 am 2 pm/9 am
Feb. 9-10 State Billings Metra

*2024 State Placers*

Cole Graham State Champion #182

Taylor Lay Runner Up #120 – G

Wyatt Shull 6th Place #113

*2023 State Placers*

Taylor Lay State Champion #120-G

Cashton Spolar Runner Up #120

Talon Marsh Runner Up #285

Conner Kovick 3rd #170

Dylan Graham 3rd #182

Cole Graham 4th #160

Paul Mousel 5th #285

Hunter Rahn 6th #126

*2022 State Placers*

Talon Marsh State Champion #285

Cashton Spolar Runner Up #103

Carson DesRosier 3rd #138

Conner Kovick 3rd #160

*2021 State Placers*

Carson DesRosier State Champ #138

Noah Kovick State Champ #205

Keaton Pouliot 3rd #285

Dylan Graham 5th #170

Hunter Rahn 6th #113

Wyatt Schneider 6th #152

Talon Marsh 6th #285

*2020 State Placers*

Noah Kovick State Champion #182

Carson DesRosier Runner Up #132

Zane McCormick Runner Up #205

Josh Lee 4th #285

Dylan Graham 5th # 152

*2019 State Placers*

Carson DesRosier State Champion #120
Lee Lambrecht Runner Up #138
Noah Kovick 3rd Place #170
Zane McCormick 3rd Place #205
Josh Lee 5th place #285