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Which one is right for you?

The ACT and SAT tests are both college entrance exams that are required by most 4 year institutions for admittance. Deciding which one is best for you depends on your post secondary goals. Check out the links below or talk with Miss Troianos in the Career Center for more information.

The state of Montana has partnered with ACT through a grant with Gear Up Montana to offer the ACT free to all High School Juniors every April (this year is in March).  This is a great opportunity to save money and get a start on these tests.

Here is more information about the state test as well as test prep sites

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Test dates for the ACT

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Test dates for the SAT

Additional ACT prep resource

The March 2 Success program is truly awesome!  It is free and powered by Peterson’s. The website is:  If a student gets a 50 in a subject matter on the ASVAB test, that equates to an 18 on the ACT.  If a student uses M2S every day for about 30 minutes and for 45 days, they can pull their ACT score up to a 22 or 23.  With the M2S program, parents can monitor their child’s progress, or the lack thereof.  Teachers can also monitor a student’s M2S.  They can see how often the student goes onto the M2S ACT/SAT prep site and how well they are doing.

The program covers all high school subject areas, all standardized testing preparation, college readiness and much more.  And as I mentioned, if a student gets the answer wrong, M2S breaks down the problem and shows them clearly step by step how to get that correct answer.  It also assesses their skills and abilities in the very beginning to then move them on to a custom specific learning path.

ACT Study Materials

ACT – Based  Study Materials

Students who have been registered through CHS will have access to the ACT online prep for free. This opportunity will provide you with online prep materials and practice exams directly through their trusted site.

Students can obtain their log in information in their English classes. Once a student gets their username and password they can visit and begin preparing for the test.

Various Free Online Options