Purpose of Registration Guide

To Our Capital High School Students, Parents and Guardians:

This digital guide is designed to help our students and their parents select proper courses for the coming year.    Please read it carefully.  Students should talk over concerns with their parents/guardians, counselors, and teachers.  It is important students select courses in the fields of their aptitudes, interests, and capabilities.  The courses that are selected now will, in large measure, determine what students will do later.  Students who plan on going to college should take courses to meet the general requirements for specific colleges or universities of their choice.

The enrollment of Capital High School for the year 2024-2025 will be over 1350 students in grades 9, 10, 11, and 12.  It is necessary that all students intending to attend next school year complete their registration on time in order to secure the necessary teachers, order supplies, create a master schedule, equalize class sections, and utilize time and building space to the maximum degree of efficiency.

This guide explains Capital’s graduation requirements, required courses, and course content.  After the course outline is carefully studied, the student, with his or her parents/guardians, should fill out the registration form.  Students will be scheduled for the year according to their completed registration.

Please make selections very carefully.  Changes in registration will be permitted only in response to a need by failure to receive a passing grade in a course or because of very unusual circumstances that may develop.  Students should select full-year courses with care and should realize that full-year courses may not always be dropped at semester time.