*Commencement Information*

UPDATE 6/4/2020

Date:  June 6, 2020

Time:  2:00 PM NEW TIME 11 AM

Where:  Nelson Stadium, Carroll College

Due to the weather forecast Saturday afternoon, CHS graduation has been moved to 11:00 at Nelson Stadium on Saturday, June 6th.

Graduation for Capital High School will begin at 11:00am. Guests may begin arriving at 10:15am for seating.

Graduates, you will now arrive at the following times to the West gate of Nelson Stadium.
Graduates start arriving at:

  • Last Name A-D- 10:10
  • Last Name E-K- 10:20
  • Last Name L-Ri- 10:30
  • Last name Ro-Z- 10:40

Keeping social distancing in mind, you will arrive to this gate at these staggered times, receive your school-issued mask, and turn in your completed screening card. Graduates will then be escorted to their assigned seats on the field.

Please see the following information from the district found below:

Due to the likelihood of lightning, large hail, and damaging winds predicted for this Saturday afternoon, the Helena Public Schools have made the safety-related decision to alter the start times for both the Helena High Graduation Ceremony and the Capital High Graduation Ceremony. With strong storms moving into our area after 12:00pm, we need to begin both ceremonies during the morning window. However, due to our need for precautionary cleaning after each ceremony, our timeline will be compressed. Please note that an alternate, indoor option is not available this year due to precautionary health protocols.

Graduation for Helena High School will begin at 8:00am. Guests may begin arriving at 7:00am for seating.

Textbook Returns and Fines

Textbook return will occur on the following dates:

  • SENIORS – Last Name A – K
    • June 3rd, Wednesday – 11-3pm
  • SENIORS – Last Name L – Z
    • June 4th, Thursday – 11-3pm

Due to social distancing protocols, you will enter the main parking lot near the tennis court entrance and remain in your vehicle until you get to the cone at the east end of the library in front of the school.  Here you, or your student, will exit your vehicle and then approach the RETURN WINDOW to return the items.


As a reminder, you can mail payment now for fines to:

Capital High School

100 Valley Drive

Helena, MT  59602 

Payments must be paid by cash or check only- thank you.


Remaining fines can also be paid during the textbook return process to the bookkeeper.  If you have remaining fines, you will get back in your vehicle after dropping off textbooks, take a right on Valley Drive, and park in the bus parking lane.  You will then walk to the FINE WINDOW on the SOUTH side of the library.  Keeping social distancing in mind, you will wait in this line to discuss fines with the bookkeeper.  A reminder for Seniors, in order to receive their diploma, all fines must be paid. This includes lost books, lunch accounts, athletic and activity fees, and all other types of fines.

2020 Live Graduation Broadcast UPDATED June 4, 2020


Go to CHS’s YouTube channel to watch. If there are any problems, and they have to start a new stream, it will appear there as well.

Helena Independent Record Virtual Graduation Site

Tickets for Admission

Graduation will be held outside at Nelson Stadium, Carroll College, 2 tickets per graduate will be given.  If we encounter inclement weather, graduation will be postponed till the following weekend.  Only guests with tickets will be permitted to attend the ceremony.  Seniors will be issued and given 2 tickets each at a time to be determined.  Graduates do not need to keep a ticket for themselves – we have already included them in our overall count.  Tickets CANNOT be replaced if lost or stolen.

Graduation Practice

Commencement practice will be held virtually this year. Watch for more information.

Be prepared to take care of any school fines before graduation.  Diplomas will be mailed out at a later date to be determined.  If fines have not been taken care of, the diplomas will not be mailed.   As a reminder, you can mail payment now for fines (Cash or Check only) to:

Capital High School

100 Valley Drive

Helena, MT  59602


Check with your Counselor for any cap and gown issues.  Travis Belcher with Jostens has really done a great job of taking care of our cap and gown needs – please go through him to get your cap and gown to ensure that our graduates are wearing the proper color cap/gown and that tones match.  They also offer many other senior items, so be sure to check them out.

Travis Belcher, Sales Representative
PO Box 6307
Helena, MT 59604
(406) 443-3844
(406) 443-3840 Fax

Senior Picnic

Due to COVID-19 this event has been canceled.

Graduation Day

Commencement exercises begin at 2 pm on Saturday, therefore, SENIORS MUST REPORT BY 1:00 pm.  DO NOT WEAR YOUR GOWNS, but please bring them.  Appropriate dress is expected.  Example:  Girls – dress pants, dress, skirt & blouse, heels or flats.  Boys – dress slacks, shirt, dress shoes.  Masks for graduates will be distributed as you enter the West Gate.  Use of alcohol/drugs before or during graduation or rehearsal will not be tolerated.  Anyone suspected of use will be removed from the lineup, both at rehearsal and at graduation.

Diplomas will be mailed to you after graduation, date to be determined. Please make sure you have taken care of all outstanding fines.

If you have any questions, contact the school at 406-324-2500.

Graduation Ceremony Pictures

Students will be photographed professionally during the graduation ceremony. Only Graduates and graduation staff are permitted on the field/stage/main floor during the ceremony.

Care of the Cap and Gown

The wearing of caps and gowns has been handed down to us as a symbol of learning.

As soon as possible upon receiving your gowns, place the gown on a hanger to allow the folds to fall out. If a light pressing is needed, ALWAYS USE A PRESSING CLOTH BETWEEN THE IRON (which should be set at low) AND THE GOWN.  Excessive heat will ruin the gown.

The cap must be placed on your head so that the mortarboard is level with the long point of the crown at the back. The front point should be well down on the forehead.  It is incorrect for girls to wear their cap back so far that it needs to have bobby pins to hold it on.  Graduates are permitted to appropriately decorate their mortarboard.  All decorations must be in accordance with the guidelines below. Any cap that violates the guidelines will be confiscated and a blank cap will be given to the graduate to wear for the ceremony.

During the commencement exercises boys will remove their caps for the National Anthem.

Congratulations to the Class of 2020! After the precedent set by previous year’s graduating classes, you are able to decorate your caps at the commencement ceremony. Everything went well the last few years – no issues, and everyone complied.  Therefore, we are willing to try it again! CHS staff and members of student council ask you and your family to read the guidelines found below.

  • No symbols, logos, words, sayings or any action that can be deemed as offensive to those in any culture, American or otherwise. Remember, this is not just your ceremony but a ceremony you share with all of your classmates and their respective friends and family members!
  • No symbols, logos, words, sayings, or actions that affiliate themselves with alcohol or drug paraphernalia, as well as any other illegal activity.
  • No sexual or inappropriate references or innuendos. 
  • The decoration should not extend more than 2 inches off the mortarboard so as not to distract the person sitting behind you.
  • You may decorate the entire top of the mortarboard, but underneath and the headpiece should remain untouched.
  • The tassel must be present on the cap.
  • Follow the Capital Code. (Be Responsible, Be Respectful, Be a Graduate)

There will be dedicated students and some faculty checking caps and observing these standards that have been crafted. In order to encourage high standards of student conduct and behavior, the principal or participating members of his staff will replace a student’s cap if it is in violation of the guidelines with a replacement so he/she may walk. If a student refuses or the cap decoration is blatantly in disregard of the Capital Code, this student places the future decoration of graduation caps in jeopardy.  Many students from the Class of 2015 put a lot of time and effort into this opportunity. This is a chance no class has had before 2015, and we trust that you will follow the Capital Code and the guidelines. If you have any questions about any intended information/images that you feel might be questionable, be sure to talk to an administrator during school hours long before commencement exercises.

Senior All Night Party

We have made a decision to go ahead with the party and have worked diligently on a plan to adhere to all phase 2 safety guidelines. We’d like to ask if you’d send one last message to help get the word out to our graduating seniors.

The Helena Senior All Night Party is a GO!

The Helena Senior All Night Party will take place on Saturday, June 6, 2020 from 7pm-12am at the Helena Civic Center. The Helena Senior All Night Party is a tobacco-free, alcohol-free and drug-free event that is open to all graduating seniors in Helena! This includes students of ACCESS, Capital High, Helena Christian Academy, Helena High, PAL, St. Andrews, and Home School students.

The 2020 party will be very similar to the traditional graduation night party with some modifications. The hours have been shortened to 7pm-12am and the ticket price has been reduced to $40, $50 at the door. The party space has been expanded and games/decorations have been reduced to allow for more distancing. There will still be lots for the kids to do. There will be games, a DJ, dancing, the popular whizzer ride, poker, laser tag, karaoke, food, prizes and more!

The party plan adheres to all guidelines within the State of Montana’s phase two guidelines for general assembly. The open space on the floorplan allows for more than double the number of an average senior all night party. After accounting for the space the games, food, prizes, etc take up; there is over 23,000 sqft of open space for the students which more than allows for appropriate physical distancing of the expected 400 students. Measures for cleaning, sanitization and security are also in place.

Parent volunteers are needed for the night of the party and this year we need more than normal for the additional safety precautions. If you’d like to volunteer, please visit the “Helena Senior All Night Party 2020” facebook page where a link to sign us is shared or send an email to Tickets for the party are being sold online at

We would like it known that this is for all parents from all Helena schools, HHS, CHS, Helena Christian, St. Andrews, PAL, and Home schooled.

Senior Pictures

For information on Senior Pictures click here.