Saturday-June 3, 2023
8:00 A.M.
Nelson Stadium
Carroll College


Students must report to Carroll College by 7:15 am.

Capital High School is dedicated to ensuring that these graduates are College and Career ready!  We proudly send these students into the next chapter of their lives.  Graduates…please know that we continue to stand behind you as you move forward and we thank you for the many years that you were with us here at Capital High, representing what we stand for.  Best of luck to you and GO BRU!!

Watch Live on June 3, 2023!


Click here to watch the ceremony.

If there are any problems, and they have to start a new stream, it will appear here as well.

Tickets for Admission

Graduates will receive 10 tickets for the graduation ceremony in government class on Wednesday, May 17.   Those seniors without a government class will need to pick these up in the Counseling office beginning May 17 through May 24.  If you have not received the tickets, please check with your student.

Tickets will be required in the event of inclement weather and the ceremony being moved inside the Carroll PE Center.

Graduates do not need to keep a ticket for themselves.  Tickets CAN NOT be replaced if lost or stolen.

Graduation Practice

Graduation Practice will be held on Thursday, June 1st after 1st-period finals (approximately at 9:30) in the Carroll College PE Center.

Attendance at practice is required for participation in the ceremony.

Counselors will preview ceremony details and student responsibilities with graduates in anticipation for June graduations.

Be prepared to take care of any school fines before graduation.


Senior Finals

Semester test schedule for Seniors Only!

Senior Tests – 2nd Semester

Monday         May 29, No School- Memorial Day
Tuesday        May 30, Periods 0,1, 5,6, & 7 regularly scheduled classes, Periods 2, 3, & 4 Finals in these classes
Wednesday   May 31,  Periods 0, 1, 2, and 3- regularly scheduled classes. Periods 5, 6 & 7- Finals in these classes
Thursday       June 1, Periods 0, & 1 finals in these classes


Textbook Returns and Fines

Textbook return!  You can return any textbook, novel or chromebook that you do not need for finals at any time.  We encourage you to return items as early as possible to the library to avoid fines and issues at graduation.  If you have questions regarding returns and fines, please see Mrs. Colberg in the library. 

Fines may be paid by credit card using the RevTrak System.

A reminder for Seniors, in order to receive their diploma, all fines must be paid. This includes lost books, lunch accounts, athletic and activity fees, and all other types of fines.


Mealtime Balance
Several Seniors also have money in their CHS Mealtime account.  There is no charge for meals the remainder of this school year and we need to zero out those accounts.  Please look at your balance.  You can login at  You have 3 options for these funds.  1. You can request a refund  2. If you have another student in the district, you can transfer those funds to your other student.   3. You may donate the funds to help pay down Students in Need accounts that have negative Mealtime balances.  Please contact our bookkeeper Charmaine Barker at or at 324-2482 to resolve student balances.


Senior Picnic

The senior picnic will begin at 12:00 pm on Thursday, June 1st. 
Senior Picnic will follow graduation practice.
Additional Details Coming Soon!

Graduation Day

Commencement exercises begin at 8 am on Saturday, therefore, SENIORS MUST REPORT BY 7:15 am.  DO NOT WEAR YOUR GOWNS, but please bring them.  Appropriate dress is expected.  Example:  Girls – dress pants, dress, skirt & blouse, heels or flats.  Boys – dress slacks, shirt, dress shoes. Use of alcohol/drugs before or during graduation or rehearsal will not be tolerated.  Anyone suspected of use will be removed from the lineup, both at rehearsal and at graduation.

Band and Choir performances are included as part of our ceremonies.
Student speeches (speakers in the process of being selected/prepared).
Yes, students will be allowed to throw their caps upon being announced as graduates.
If you have any questions, contact the school at 406-324-2500

Graduation Ceremony Pictures

Students will be photographed professionally during the graduation ceremony.
Click on the link below to view graduation pictures.
Note:  Pictures will not be available for up to two weeks after graduation ceremony.

Only Graduates and graduation staff are permitted on the field/stage/main floor during the ceremony.

Care of the Cap and Gown

The wearing of caps and gowns has been handed down to us as a symbol of learning.

As soon as possible upon receiving your gowns, place the gown on a hanger to allow the folds to fall out. If a light pressing is needed, ALWAYS USE A PRESSING CLOTH BETWEEN THE IRON (which should be set at low) AND THE GOWN.  Excessive heat will ruin the gown.

The cap must be placed on your head so that the mortarboard is level with the long point of the crown at the back. The front point should be well down on the forehead.  It is incorrect for girls to wear their cap back so far that it needs to have bobby pins to hold it on.  Graduates are permitted to appropriately decorate their mortarboard.  All decorations must be in accordance with the guidelines below. Any cap that violates the guidelines will be confiscated and a blank cap will be given to the graduate to wear for the ceremony.

During the commencement exercises, boys will remove their caps for the National Anthem.

Congratulations to the Class of 2022! After the precedent set by the previous year’s graduating classes, you are able to decorate your caps at the commencement ceremony. Everything went well the last few years – no issues, and everyone complied.  Therefore, we are willing to try it again! CHS staff and members of the student council ask you and your family to read the guidelines found below.

  • No symbols, logos, words, sayings, or any action that can be deemed as offensive to those in any culture, American or otherwise. Remember, this is not just your ceremony but a ceremony you share with all of your classmates and their respective friends and family members!
  • No symbols, logos, words, sayings, or actions that affiliate themselves with alcohol or drug paraphernalia, as well as any other illegal activity.
  • No sexual or inappropriate references or innuendos. 
  • The decoration should not extend more than 2 inches off the mortarboard so as not to distract the person sitting behind you.
  • You may decorate the entire top of the mortarboard, but underneath and the headpiece should remain untouched.
  • The tassel must be present on the cap.
  • Follow the Capital Code. (Be Responsible, Be Respectful, Be a Graduate)

There will be dedicated students and some faculty checking caps and observing these standards that have been crafted. In order to encourage high standards of student conduct and behavior, the principal or participating members of his staff will replace a student’s cap if it is in violation of the guidelines with a replacement so he/she may walk. If a student refuses or the cap decoration is blatantly in disregard of the Capital Code, this student places the future decoration of graduation caps in jeopardy.  Many students from the Class of 2015 put a lot of time and effort into this opportunity. This is a chance no class has had before 2015, and we trust that you will follow the Capital Code and the guidelines. If you have any questions about any intended information/images that you feel might be questionable, be sure to talk to an administrator during school hours long before commencement exercises.

Check with your Counselor for any cap and gown issues.  Travis Belcher with Jostens has really done a great job of taking care of our cap and gown needs – please go through him to get your cap and gown to ensure that our graduates are wearing the proper color cap/gown and that tones match.  They also offer many other senior items, so be sure to check them out.

To order directly from Jostens click here

Need help?

Travis Belcher, Sales Representative

PO Box 6307

Helena, MT 59604

(406) 443-3844

(406) 443-3840 Fax

Parade of Graduates

Seniors – this is your opportunity to return to your previous elementary school to celebrate your graduation with former teachers and to inspire younger students to graduate.  You will need to wear your cap and gown for this event.  Transportation will be provided.

The Parade of Graduates:  TBD


Grad Program Scholarship List– Next, we will be recognizing the hard work of the Class of 2022 in the graduation program by once again doing our senior scholarship and awards insert page. You will be receiving a separate email about this as well, but we want to make sure every senior and parent gets an opportunity to get their name listed for any scholarships they received. To be included in the program, please type in this link (or find it on the grad webpage) All submissions must be submitted via the form by TBD at 10 am (due to printing limitations)


Helena Senior All Night Party – June 4th 2022

The Helena Senior All Night Party will take place on Saturday, June 4, 2022, from 7pm-3am at the Helena Civic Center (Doors lock at 9PM). The Helena Senior All Night Party is a tobacco-free, alcohol-free, and drug-free event that is open to all graduating seniors in Helena! This includes students of ACCESS, Capital High, Helena Christian Academy, Helena High, PAL, St. Andrews, and Home School students.

The 2022 party will be a night of celebration with dancing, food, entertainment, prizes, and games! The hours will be from 7 pm-3 am.

PRICES & DATES – Buy your tickets early before the price goes up!
March 15- April 15 – $55
April 16 – May 20th – $65
May 21st to June 4th, and at the door $75

FIRST….fill out the Release Agreement at  After you complete the agreement you will be taken to the purchase tickets page for the SENIOR ALL NIGHT PARTY.  Need financial assistance with tickets? See you High School Guidance Counselor. They can help!


Parents, the SNAP committee is always looking for help with this event, you can volunteer by clicking the link below.




Want your Senior to be featured on our giant photo wall?  Parents, send us a senior-age picture and a baby picture for the Senior Night Photo Wall!!   Make sure to include your senior’s first and last name.  Email them to

The Helena Senior All Night Party is an independent 501c3 non-profit and is not affiliated with Helena Schools.

Senior Pictures

For information on Senior Pictures click here.

Senior Exit Survey

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