Wellness Screens

HSD offers a generous incentive to health plan participants who participate and meet, or reach, specific health criteria during the plan year. This incentive helps to encourage healthy lifestyles for all members of our team. The HSD Health Benefits Committee, with representation from a group of your peers through the Wellness Subcommittee, is responsible for setting the criteria for the incentive.

HSD partners with St. Peter’s Hospital (SPH) Wellness Department to offer the wellness screenings. Screenings (one per academic year) are free to plan participants, include flu shots (fall clinics), and offer the ability to select additional lab tests (payable by the participant). For your convenience, screenings are brought to each HSD school site. Onsite screenings are scheduled to be conducted in October, November, April and May of this academic year, with the conclusion of the screening season June 30, 2016.

Employees covered by the HSD health insurance plan who complete the screening and meet certain criteria will receive up to $300 incentive toward their premium cost!  If an employee does not meet the criteria, DON’T GIVE UP!  Employees can visit their doctor, get a plan regarding whichever criteria was not met, and have the doctor send the Wellness Team a doctor’s note – and still be eligible for the incentive!  If you have questions contact your Wellness Coordinator (April Murfitt) or the Wellness Team.  See contact info below.

To schedule a screening, please visit www.stpetes.org and click on the apple that says “Well Now! for School District Employees” on the bottom right of the page. If you cannot make it to a screening here, you are welcome to schedule a screening at another HSD location.

PLEASE NOTE: All participants must sign up for their screening in advance. Registration closes at 11:59pm three business days prior to the scheduled screening day. To ensure a smooth and efficient screening experience for all participants, walk-ins will not be able to be seen.

If you have any questions or need help logging in to your account, please feel free to contact the Wellness Team at 406-444-2128, or Gina Fuller (CHS Wellness Coordinator) at gfuller@helenaschools.org.