8410 Employability

Employability     Grade: 9-12 

This class will offer a large variety of both life and prevocational skills. These skills are meant to support students’ transition to life after high school. They will gain skills needed for navigating the workplace and for making career decisions. Students will have the opportunity to investigate the interests, skills, and abilities needed for different jobs, as well as discussing resumes, job interviews, and steps needed for preparing to enter the workforce.¬†

Younger students (9-10 grade) will focus on learning and completing school-based jobs. Older students (11-12 grade) will transition to a community-based job when they demonstrate workplace readiness.  

This class focuses on individual needs based on students’ IEP goals in the areas of self-help/ independence, career/vocational, and communication. ¬†

Additionally, other students on an IEP can earn Employability credit for hours worked at a paid or volunteer job with proof of hours worked  (90 hours/.5 credit). The decision to award these credits goes through the student’s IEP team.  

1.0 Credit