4420 Chemistry AP

4420    Chemistry AP

AP Chemistry is an elective science course that will be offered to 11-12 grade students.  It is designed to be taken after the completion of Chemistry 1 and students will also be required to have successfully completed Algebra 2 or equivalent math class prior to taking this class.  The course follows the AP curriculum and is designed to investigate and develop a deeper understanding of the concepts normally covered in a first-year college chemistry course as well as to prepare students to take the AP Chemistry Exam.  Students who take this course will be expected to take the AP Chemistry Exam at the end of May.  Students who take AP Chemistry should expect an accelerated pace and may require additional work or lab time outside of the regular class period. Students will build deeper understanding of chemistry concepts by engaging in inquiry based laboratory experiences that require detailed quantitative analysis and written laboratory reports. Prerequisite(s):  Chemistry 1 and Algebra II.


1.0 Credit