4400 Physics

4400    Physics

Inquiry Physics” Physics provides an opportunity for students to continue their survey of the fundamental science disciplines offered at the high school level. Physics is a college preparatory introductory level survey course recommended for those students with an interest in science that have demonstrated a high ability in mathematics and previous science classes. Through inquiry activities, laboratory experiences, discussion, movies and lecture students will explore the relationships of waves, sound, light, color, matter, kinematics of motion and energy with an emphasis on increasing student understanding of graphing, diagraming and fundamental problem-solving skills. Topics of study will include waves, sound, light, lenses, mirrors, motion, kinematics, forces, momentum, friction, energy, modern physics theory of the universe, and planetary motion. Prerequisite(s): Algebra II (or higher)/Concurrent Enrollment. 

*Grade 9 ONLY: Concurrent enrollment in Mathematics 2-Honors is required AND- application is required.

9th Grade Honors Application (2024)

1.0 Credit