4300 Biology 2

4300    Biology 2

Biology II is a second-year biology course designed to get students out doing real science! It is offered to any sophomore, junior, or senior student who has passed Biology I with a C or better. This course is designed for students who are interested in the biological and/or medical fields. First semester focuses on field study and laboratory experiences in forestry, water quality, wildlife biology, genetics, microbiology and biotechnology. Second semester focuses on vertebrate and human anatomy and physiology and is ideal for students wanting to pursue a medical or health career. During second semester we do an in-depth cat dissection as a comparison to human anatomy and physiology.  Although this is a year-long course, students will be able to enter in the 2nd semester if they have met the prerequisite. First semester there are 3 required field trips. Course Fee: $30 Prerequisite(s): Biology 1 or Biology 1 Honors (C or better recommended).


1.0 Credit