9402 Lifetime Sports

9402    Lifetime Sports-S1

9403    Lifetime Sports-S2

Offered daily and on a semester basis to juniors and seniors, this program emphasizes advanced lifetime sports activities. In-building activities will include games that can be played for a lifetime. Classroom-based learning is also part of the curriculum which can include current health/fitness related topics, research-based activities, presentations, and quizzes. This course involves a variety of activities that occur within the community such as: archery, rock climbing, bowling, folf, golf, ice-fishing, ice-skating, Hiking, Missouri River float, skiing, snowshoeing, swimming, self-defense, trap shooting, winter survival, yoga, and more.

The fee per semester is $100.

Lifetime Sports emphasizes the highest importance and expectations of being respectful, being responsible, and being a graduate. Due to the nature of this course, liability concerns or misbehavior will not be tolerated.

.5 Credit per semester