3405 AP Calculus BC

3405     AP Calculus BC                                                                            Grades: 11-12                                    1.0 Credit           

*Special Note: Registering for an AP or Honors course is meant to be a YEAR-LONG COMMITMENT.  If you wish to drop an AP or Honors course, you will have to wait until one week after the semester begins.

DUAL CREDIT Helena College: M172 Calculus 2 (must have taken M171 for dual credit or a 3 or higher on AP exam)

*DC Note: Students must meet the college’s placement criteria and are responsible for college registration, cost of tuition, and fees.

This is a one-year, integrated mathematics course. Topics include all material covered in AP Calculus AB; integration by parts and partial fraction decomposition; set up and compute integrals in applied situations such as finding volumes of solids of revolution, arc length, surface area, work, fluid pressure, and centers of mass; determine convergence/divergence of series via various tests; Power series (including interval and radius of convergence) and Taylor series expansions of common functions; recognize and graph parametric and polar equations, as well as compute areas and arc length of polar curves.  It is recommended that students take the AP Calculus B/C Test. Prerequisite(s):  Signature of current Math teacher is required on registration form -AND- Calculus AP.