3301 Pre-Calculus Honors

3301    Pre-Calculus-Honors

*Special Note: Registering for an AP or Honors course is meant to be a YEAR-LONG COMMITMENT.  If you wish to drop an AP or Honors course, you will have to wait until one week after the semester begins.

DUAL CREDIT Helena College: M151 Pre-Calculus

*DC Note: Students must meet the college’s placement criteria and are responsible for college registration, cost of tuition, and fees.

This is the third year of our school’s four-year honors sequence intended to prepare students for the possibility of a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) career or major in college. This course extends on the concepts of Algebra 2, while undertaking the study of trigonometry, and preparing students for calculus. The course extends past what is presented in College Algebra and covers topics included on the ACT and SAT.  Students from Honors Mathematics 2 or Algebra II take this class. Students who are successful with this class should go on to Calculus the following year.

Prerequisite(s):  Signature of current Math teacher is required on registration form -AND- Mathematics 2-Honors (B or better recommended) or Algebra II (A is recommended).


1.0 Credit