12th Grade Mathematics

Math is not required for Senior year as long as you have completed your 3 credits required for graduation. That being said, if you choose not to take math your senior year, your parent must sign the following statement on your registration form.

Seniors Not Registering for a Math Course

I have been advised that the Montana University System has math proficiency standards that require a C or better in 4 years of high school math (or a 22 ACT Math Score). I am waiving the recommendations of the CHS counseling and math departments to sign up for the next sequential math course in the college-prep curriculum. I have been informed that all remedial math classes at the 2 and 4 year colleges will be for no credit and at the full tuition rate. Final math class placement will be determined after 2nd semester grades are finalized.

Your course selection is based on teacher recommendation as well as grade in pre-requisite course. It is recommended students have a C or better in the previous math course before moving on to the next level.

Senior Year Math Options

3100 Algebra 1

3200 Geometry

3300 Algebra 2

3301 Pre-Calculus Honors

3302 Contemporary Math

3356 Technical Math

3401 AP Calculus AB

3405 AP Calculus BC

3440 College Algebra

3441 Statistics

3442 AP Statistics

Math Support Courses

3103 Pre- Algebra

3106 Applied Algebra