6370 Jazz Band

6370     Jazz Band

This introductory-level jazz band is intended to provide experience to those interested in exploring the jazz medium. The band is open to all; however, there are some exceptions due to the instrumentation restrictions of the standard jazz literature. Auditions may be required to successfully establish the correct instrumentation. Instruction will focus upon the development of instrumental technique, and the exploration of a variety of jazz styles and idioms. The art of jazz improvisation will be introduced through the study of jazz theory and hands-on practice and performance. In addition to required school concerts, this jazz ensemble may be invited to perform outside of school on numerous occasions. Performances may include festivals, fundraising benefits, and community events. Prerequisite(s): Students must be concurrently enrolled in one of the other bands in the department. Depending upon instrument, concurrent enrollment in an orchestra or chorus may also be accepted. Auditions may be necessary in order to establish correct instrumentation.


1.0 Credit