6360 Symphonic Band

6360    Symphonic Band

This is the premier band at Capital High School. Membership is made up of students who have achieved a high level of musical proficiency upon their respective instruments. As such, members are primarily 11th and 12th grade students with the possible inclusion of skilled 10th graders. Private lessons on one’s instrument are highly encouraged for all members. This band exists as a laboratory to apply previously learned skills. Students will study and perform advanced literature and focus upon the finer details of music making while raising their standards of excellence through on-going technique development and sight-reading skills. In addition to the required school performances, this band will perform at AA Band Festival, District Band Festival, and will also be afforded every opportunity to travel to a variety of educational music festivals. Prerequisite(s): Three years previous of successful band experience or audition with the director.


1.0 Credit