6271 Film Photography

6271   Film Photography

This course will introduce students to the awesome world of FILM photography— also known as darkroom, vintage, or analog photography. Shooting film is an incredible experience and becoming very popular!  Film photos are difficult to simulate with digital cameras.  Developing your own film, making negatives, producing prints, and seeing how they turned out is so exciting!  Plus, a lot of photography concepts became clearer as you learn more about film.  Shoot your first roll of film, learn to digitize your images, and have a blast experimenting with a variety of fun vintage cameras- including Polaroid & fancy pinhole cameras.  You will learn the science & art of photography along with the differences & similarities between film & digital.  This class is perfect for beginners who want to take amazing photos AND those looking to expand their photo knowledge.  It’s a perfect class for those who are artists and those interested in science.  NO prerequisites, NO fees, and cameras are provided. Plus, you can take Photo 1 or Photo 2 Class along with this Film Photo class in the same year! also known as darkroom, vintage, or analog photography.


1.0 Credit