6260 Photography 2

6260    Photography 2                                                                                    Grades: 11-12                          1.0 Credit        

Have you been taking pictures for a while?  Great! It’s time to expand your confidence & versatility behind the camera. And Photo 2 is your class! You’ll quickly review the basics then move into the advanced training, mechanics & techniques of digital cameras from a professional angle. We will, also, dive into advanced skills in Photoshop, personal web sites & social media galleries. You will explore your style with personal projects creating a portfolio concentrating on complex aspects of exposure, printmaking skills, lighting and composition guaranteed to impress all! You will also learn the historical events and trends that gave rise to photography and shaped the current attitudes, aesthetics, and direction of image making.  Students will top off their fabulous experience by printing, framing, and submitting their fine art photo prints to contests and art shows. Light metering, capturing emotion, increasing impact, making a statement, connecting to your local photography community, finding the fresh angle on your subject, telling the story with your camera, using the “magic hour” effectively, snapping images with complete confidence in your results, creating dimension and depth that draws people into your pictures and SO MUCH MORE is waiting for you in Photo2!  Fees: $20.  Prerequisite(s): Photo 1.