6260 Photography 2

6260    Photography 2 

Been taking pictures for a while? Great! It’s time to expand your confidence behind the camera and Photo 2 is your class. You’ll quickly review the basics then move into the advanced training from a professional angle. We will dive into sophisticated skills in camera settings, portraiture, editing, personal web sites, camera gear, and how this all relates to social media and future job opportunities in any field. Street, travel, adventure photography, and photojournalism will be a focus along with opportunities to travel and capture such images. The laws of different countries, customs of other cultures, and bridging the gap of differences via photos to promote world peace will be discussed along with how to bring global images to everyday people. Students will top off their experience by printing, framing, and submitting their fine art photo prints to contests and art shows   Prerequisite(s): Photo 1. 

1.0 Credit