6250 Photography 1

6250    Photography 1

Photo 1 is designed with hands-on lessons providing the real tricks of the trade to capture perfectly exposed & memorable images. Students will learn how to compose photographs, capture movement, produce engaging portraits, and work in the photo studio using classroom cameras, your own nice camera, or smartphones. You’ll also learn artistic elements, color theory, & how to work in manual mode on a camera. We will discuss the importance of photography over time, in every culture, and the role it plays in everyday life. Street photography, photojournalism, travel and adventure photography will be a focus along with opportunities to travel and capture such images. You will learn more about editing your images. Students will top off their experience by preparing their work for contests, art shows, & for making gifts. Whether at school, in your home, or on vacation you’ll learn how to take pictures like a pro.



1.0 Credit