6170 Visual Arts Design 3

6170   Visual Arts Design

This is an advanced course designed to work towards mastery of design and 3-dimensional art. This “Hands On” art class offers advanced skills centered around additive and subtractive concepts to deepen students’ understanding of sculpture and design. Students will work independently to create proposals and projects based on their advanced knowledge and skills with guidance from the instructor. Students will choose their materials based on interest and exploration with found objects, repurposed materials, plaster, glass, metal, ink, printmaking, and other mediums. The goal for advanced students will be to create work that reflects their advanced knowledge of the course objects as well as the expression of their ideas. There is a class fee of $25, and extra supplies may need to be provided by the student.

Class fee $20 and certain supplies wanted by students will need to be provided. Prerequisite(s): Design Application 1, and Design Application 2


1.0 Credit