6130 Art 3

6130    Art 3

The Art 3 class is an upper level full year advanced art class. Emphasis is placed on Art Production, Art History, exploration of medium and subject matter as well as exposure to the arts within the Helena community. Art 3 provides an opportunity for students to further increase their skills in understanding and creating art on a more independent level. Students will be responsible for researching artists and art projects that peak their interests with guidance from the instructor. Students will create art with consideration of subject matter, media, art history, art methods and techniques at the advanced level. A sketchbook will be kept throughout the year, and students will be responsible for using their sketchbooks to document ideas and plan out projects. Various art supplies are required and will be covered by class fee or additional money if student desires more than the provided materials. Class fee $30.00.  Prerequisite(s): Art 1; Art 2. 


1.0 Credit