1406 English 4 AP

1406    English 4-AP Literature & Composition

AP English 4 is designed for those seniors who enjoy literature and writing and who desire a challenging, in-depth study of English.  A positive attitude toward learning and the ability to pursue knowledge independently will aid the student in the in-depth analysis of a wide selection of British and world literature designed to encourage critical thinking and writing.  Students taking this course will prepare for, but are not required to take, the AP Literature and Composition Exam (exam costs around $100). The exam is accepted at most colleges and universities for college credits, depending on the student’s AP exam score.  Generally, colleges within the MUS system will substitute AP Literature and Composition for Introduction to Literature, if score meets the school’s criteria.

*Special Note: Registering for an AP or Honors course is meant to be a YEAR-LONG COMMITMENT.  If you wish to drop an AP or Honors course, you will have to wait until one week after the semester begins.

1.0 Credit