1402 English 4 Applied

English 4 Applied

This English class shadows the English 4 curriculum but is conducted at a slower pace and uses some different resources and activities that can aid students who might struggle in reading and writing. Students will be exposed to required literature as well as high-interest materials. Students will also focus on bettering their writings skills with step-by-step assistance. Because of the emphasis on individual improvement, these classes are kept at 17 students or below to allow the teacher to give one-on-one attention to each student on a regular basis. Students and parents will be expected to agree to an attendance and behavior contract since space is limited.

Applied English 4 at the senior level will focus on skills that will help the students move into the world. High interest novels will be integrated to foster a lifelong appreciation of literature. Applicable vocabulary and writing skills will be developed throughout the class. Writing will focus on life skills such as cover letters, resumes, business letters, and a career research project.

1.0 Credit