Dual Credit Courses

The following courses are taught at Capital High School and are offered for dual credit through our partner institutions. Students are required to fill out a separate application and course registration for the college credit portion of the class. Counselors will present registration information at the start of each semester, and it is the student’s responsibility to meet all of the college’s deadlines and test score requirements, as well as to pay fees if required.


** Dual credit course offerings are dependent on staff with dual certifications.  Classes offered for dual credit could change if staffing changes occur and no dual certified teachers are available.

 All dual credit courses count as both high school and college credit. The courses are taught on the campus of Capital High School. Students are responsible for college registration, cost of tuition, and fees.  Students must be at least 16 years of age or enrolled in grade 11 and meet course qualifications.

All Math courses require an additional placement form. Students are recommended to have a B or better in the pre-requisite math course when taking for college credit. ACT Math scores can also be used to prove proficiency for placement in a dual credit math course.

When you request a dual credit course, an application will be emailed to you to complete to be eligible for college credit.

Students who drop a dual credit course once the semester has started are required to drop at both CHS and the corresponding college. Failure to drop at the college will cause the student to be responsible for paying the course fees, and the failure will be reflected on the Helena College transcript.


 One-Two-Free offers two free dual enrollment courses, up to six credits, through the Montana University System (MUS) to all eligible high school students. Dual enrollment allows high school students to take 100 and 200 level college courses on campus, online, or in their high school. Students can explore a wide range of content including academic core and workforce courses.  For more information, click here.


  • The program offers eligible high school students their first two classes free, up to six credits. 
  • After that students pay the discounted dual enrollment tuition rate of 50% the two-year institution’s tuition (on average $59/credit). 
  • Students that demonstrate need can apply for a hardship scholarship to cover tuition beyond their first two courses/six credits. 
  • One-two-free applies to any lower division dual enrollment course from a participating institution, whether it is online, on campus, or in the high school.


Montana Digital Academy: dual credit offerings




The Montana Digital Academy offers dual credit courses through various Montana University System Institutions. Students are responsible for the technology component to ensure success in the online learning environment. They are also responsible for college registration, cost of tuition and fees. Students should visit with their counselor for more information or visit  http://montanadigitalacademy.org/montana-university-system-dual-credit-information/

Project Lead the Way (PTLW)/University of Montana Partnership

The University of Montana recognizes and awards credits for Project Lead The Way (PLTW) courses. General Education and course credit for the Biomedical Sciences courses is granted based upon successful completion of the course with assessment scores as described below. Enrollment Services-Admissions will provide students with an evaluation of their credits upon receipt of official scores. The University of Montana awards college credit to undergraduate degree students on the basis of official score reports from PLTW. https://www.umt.edu/admissions/apply/advanced-credits/project-lead-the-way.php

PLTW Biomedical Sci. Course Score UM Course UM Credits
Y2 Human Body Systems 350+ BIOH 112, Human Form and Function I 3
Y3 Medical Interventions 390+ BIOH 113, Human Form and Function II 3