7361 Microsoft Excel

7361    Microsoft Excel

DUAL CREDIT Helena College: CAPP 156 MS Excel

*DC Note: Students are responsible for college registration, cost of tuition, and fees.

This is an in class, facilitator led, independent study course. Microsoft Excel is a tool for creating professional-looking spreadsheets. Students will learn to use Excel to build and analyze business, personal, or financial documents that today our information-driven world demands from businesses. Students will use Excel to create spreadsheets and charts and incorporate data, conditional formatting, formulas, functions, charts, and pivot tables. The course is set up where the students will be challenged to apply what they have learned by completing projects at the end of each chapter. Students may also have an opportunity to explore Microsoft Office Access, PowerPoint, and/or Publisher at the end of the semester. Prerequisite(s):  Basic Computer Skills and/or Tech Skills for Life (please see your counselor if you have not taken these and are interested, but have past Microsoft experience)


.5 Credit