7314 AP Computer Science A

7314    AP Computer Science A 

*Special Note: Registering for an AP or Honors course is meant to be a YEAR-LONG COMMITMENT. If you wish to drop an AP or Honors course, you will have to wait until one week after the semester begins.

AP Computer Science A  is programming in Java. Fundamental topics in this course include the design of solutions to problems, the use of data structures to organize large sets of data, the development and implementation of algorithms to process data and discover new information, the analysis of potential solutions, and the ethical and social implications of computing systems. The course emphasizes object-oriented programming and design. Solutions of problems will be written in the Java programming language. This course covers far more features than could be covered in a single introductory class. It is highly recommended students take Computer Science, AP Computer Science Principles, or have prior programming experience.

Note: The written AP exam is in Early May.

Prerequisites: Successful completion of Algebra 1.

1.0 Credit