7255 Machining 3

7255    Machining 3               Two Hours

DUAL CREDIT Helena College: MCH 234 CNC Milling Operations, Flathead Valley Community College MCH-122-44

*DC Note: Students must meet the college’s placement criteria and are responsible for college registration, cost of tuition, and fees.

The focus of this course will be to strengthen and advance student CNC machining and engineering skills as they apply to personal machining projects, machining and mechanical engineering careers, and related industrial certifications. Students in this course will focus on the design and CNC machining of advanced machining projects using CNC mills and lathes.   Students will train to become Haas Milling Operator certified as well as NIMS CNC Mill Operator certified. All seniors in the program will enter Mastercam Software’s National Wildest Parts machining contest with a senior project of their choice during the spring semester.  All students will do job shadows at the end of 2nd semester with a Montana manufacturing businesses. Students will learn advanced solid modeling, advanced programming in 2d, 3d, and 4th axis for milling and lathe using Mastercam software, blueprint reading, basic G D and T, work holding techniques, and manual G and M code programming for CNC mills. This course is project based and all machining principles, knowledge, and techniques will be taught through a wide variety of exciting student projects such as making custom hunting knives and custom fishing rods Note:  A student who fails 1st Semester will have a conference with an administrator, the teacher, and a parent to discuss continued enrollment 2nd Semester.

Fees: Students are responsible for the cost of their own project materials. 

Prerequisite(s): Welding/Machining 2 (C or better recommended). 


2.0 Credits