7250 Welding 3

7250    Welding 3            Two Hours.

The focus of this course will be to strengthen and advance student welding, engineering, and fabrication skills as they apply to personal welding projects, welding careers, and related industrial certifications. All costs of projects will be assumed by the student. Students in this course will focus on the fabrication of advanced personal welding projects, strengthening blueprint reading skills, advanced torch cutting and metal fit-up techniques and training for AWS welding certifications in 3g and 4g positions. AWS certifications will be done on 3/8” or 1” plate in Flux Core Dual Shield and Shielded Metal Arc Welding processes with 7018 welding rod. All students will be required to get certified in these two areas and can also earn additional certifications in Gas Tungsten Arc Welding. Students will also learn cutting and fitting of pipe and various structural steels using various cutting processes and methods. All students will do a job shadow with a Montana Welding business at the end of 2nd Semester. This course is offered as dual credit in conjunction with the Helena College and Great Falls College welding programs. Note:  A student who fails 1st Semester will have a conference with an administrator, the teacher, and a parent to discuss continued enrollment 2nd Semester. 

Materials Required: Welding helmet, welding gloves, pliers, wire cutters, coveralls, safety glasses, leather boots, 3-ring binder with dividers, USB thumb drive, and calculator.  Fees: Students are responsible for the cost of their own project materials. 

Prerequisite(s): Welding/Machining 2 (C or better recommended). 


2.0 Credits