7240 Welding/Machining 2

7240    Welding 2 (MACHINING 2)             Two Hours

First semester is an advanced course in which students will develop skills in out-of-position welding using GMAW-Spray, Flux Core Dual Shield, Short Circuit, and Self Shielding core wire and SMAW processes. Students will also strengthen torch cutting skills using Oxy/Fuel, Air Carbon Arc, and Plasma cutting processes.  Students develop skills in Computer Aided Design (CAD), introductory CNC milling machining through related projects.  Students will also learn blueprint reading, drafting, project material calculation, and drill bit sharpening. All welding during the first semester will be done on practice coupons until the student reaches a high enough level of proficiency to consistently produce quality welds. Second semester will focus on GTAW, making project plans, developing bill of materials for projects, welding project fabrication of personal welding projects, learning welding symbols for blueprint reading, micrometer reading, threading, introduction to CNC lathes and advancing milling machine operational and programming skills. Throughout the year students will also be learning and working through a “work ethic” training program that is designed to help prepare students for the real world of work.   Students will be required to pay for the materials for all personal projects while in class. Note:  A student who fails 1st Semester will have a conference with an administrator, the teacher, and a parent to discuss continued enrollment 2nd Semester.  Materials Required: Welding helmet, welding gloves, pliers, wire cutters, coveralls, safety glasses, leather boots, 3-ring binder with dividers, USB thumb drive, and calculator.  Fees: Students will cover the cost of their own projects.  Prerequisite: Welding 1 (C or better recommended).


2.0 Credits