7230 Welding 1

7230    Welding 1

This is an introductory technical welding course designed to develop student skills in Shielded Metal Arc welding, Gas Metal Arc welding, Oxy/Acetylene welding, Plasma-Arc Cutting and Oxy-Acetylene Cutting.  Students will also be introduced to blacksmith forging, metallurgy, metal forming, CNC Plasma Cutting and basic project fabrication.  Students will do at least one welding fabrication project each quarter along with assigned weld coupons.  Note:  A student who fails 1st Semester will have a conference with an administrator, the teacher, and a parent to discuss continued enrollment 2nd Semester.  Materials Required: *Welding gloves, pliers, coveralls, *safety glasses, leather boots, 1” 3-ring binder.  Welder’s cap is recommended.  Fees: $40 (*includes costs for gloves and safety glasses).


1.0 Credit