7210 Auto Skill Tech 1

7210    Auto Skill Tech 1 (NATEF)       Two Hours

This course is designed to acquaint the student with the basic skills and technology of an automobile.  This course is divided into the following subject areas: Hand tools and safety, engine theory and rebuild, Cooling systems, Lubrication systems, Brakes, Steering systems, Suspension systems and Alignment.  Approximately 60% of the course work will be involved with classroom activities using school owned automotive components.  The remainder will be using school owned as well as student owned vehicles.  Access to a vehicle is not necessary but encouraged.  The cost of student projects will be covered by the student. With the major advances in Automotive Technology students will need a working knowledge of the vehicle and vehicle systems to make necessary repairs.   A student failing the 1st semester will not continue to the 2nd semester.  Materials Required:  Safety glasses.  Fees: $80.


2.0 Credits