7203 Auto Tech 3

7203    Auto Tech 3 (NATEF Certification)          Two Hours

DUAL CREDIT Helena College:  AUTO 104 Automotive Mechanics

*DC Note: Students must meet the college’s placement criteria and are responsible for college registration, cost of tuition, and fees.

This course is designed for the student who has an interest in pursuing post-secondary education or pursuing a career it the automotive field of study.  Advanced diagnostic practices will be discussed in this class.  Other subject matter covered in this course is: Transmissions (Automatic and Manual), Transfer cases, Advanced Computer Diagnostics, Drivelines and Drive Axles, Traction Control and ABS.  Approximately 30% of the class will be spent in the classroom and 70% will be spent in the shop.  Students are encouraged to have projects to work on but are not required.  The cost of student projects will be covered by the student.  A student failing the 1st semester will not continue to the 2nd semester.

Materials Required:  Safety glasses.  Fees: $80.  Prerequisite(s):  Adv. Auto Tech 2 (C or higher recommended). 


2.0 Credits