7180 Advanced Carpentry & Cabinet Making

7180    Advanced Carpentry & Cabinet Making               Two Hours

Students in this class will have the opportunity to further develop their woodworking skills to construct advanced products in construction and/or furniture building/cabinetmaking. Students will continue learn how to safely operate all power and hand tools provided in the lab. Instruction will be by lecture, demonstration and “lots of” hands-on activity. Students are expected to be ready to build individual projects with various joints and a higher degree of difficulty on their projects. Proper construction techniques, fastener, hinge installation and finishing practices will be stressed. After completing the required course work, the student will be expected to build projects of his/her own choosing. Examples of projects that may be built are: furniture, tables, cabinets, games, etc.. Students must furnish materials for projects of their choice.

Materials Required:  Safety glasses, tape measure, and glue bottle. 

Fees: $40.  Prerequisite(s): Intermediate Carpentry 


2.0 Credits