7170 Intermediate Carpentry & Cabinetmaking

7170    Intermediate Carpentry & Cabinetmaking        Two Hours

In this class, students learn the basic terminology and practices of construction along with furniture building and cabinetmaking.  Safe work practices will be instructed and followed. Students will learn the proper use of construction and woodworking tools and their applications. Construction practices taught will include wall framing, stair construction, floor construction, rafter construction, exterior finishing and finish carpentry.  Students will be introduced to other aspects of Building Trades such as Plumbing and Electrical.  Students will be introduced to the principles and practices of furniture building and cabinetmaking. Students will construct their own furniture and cabinetmaking projects.

 Note: A student who fails 1st Semester will have a conference with an administrator, the teacher, and a parent to discuss continued enrollment 2nd Semester. 

Materials Required:  Safety glasses, tape measure, and wood glue bottle, along with materials for projects.  Fees: $40


2.0 Credits