The Stephen T. Marchello Scholarship

Applications and all other requested information is due at the address listed by 5:00 P.M., March 15th.  When March 15th falls on Sunday, the application will be due on Monday, March 16.  No late applications will be accepted.  Completed applications may be submitted to the Stephen T. Marchello Scholarship Foundation, any time prior to the closing date.

The criteria on which determination of awards is made will be as follows:

  • High School grade point average (GPA). ¬†Please include copy of transcript.
  • SAT or ACT test scores.
  • Information provided by the doctor, who directed your treatment, in one of the required letters of reference submitted. ¬†If you are unable to contact the doctor, have the hospital or clinic provide confirmation of your treatment.
  • Information provided by two other people, other than a family member, in the form of a letter of reference

For more information, please visit the website.

Click HERE to download the scholarship application.