Pride Foundation Scholarships



Our scholarship program supports LGBTQ+ students who are leaders‚ÄĒin their own lives, in their families, in their home communities, in their fields of study, in their workplaces, or in our movements for justice.

We prioritize moving resources to LGBTQ+ students who need it most, so we especially focus our funding on those LGBTQ+ student leaders who have some or all of the following experiences and qualities:

  • Demonstrate a commitment¬†to¬†advancing justice and¬†the¬†well-being¬†of their communities, past, present, and future
  • Have experienced family rejection and/or haven‚Äôt been able to access a¬†larger community¬†support system
  • Face systemic barriers to educational access, and have been impacted by systemic discrimination and oppression. Specifically:
    • Black, Indigenous, and other People of Color
    • Trans, non-binary, gender diverse, gender non-conforming, and Two Spirit people
    • Immigrants
    • Disabled people/People with Disabilities, including people living with chronic illness, HIV, neurodivergence, and mental health challenges
    • People over 25, as non-traditionally aged students
    • People living rurally
    • People who have experienced or are experiencing housing instability or¬†houselessness
    • People who have experienced or are experiencing poverty
    • Demonstrate financial need and don‚Äôt have access to familial or other financial supports

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