Tirzah Bruski

4th Quarter is coming to an end! 😊

We are back into your Big Ideas textbooks. You will often receive links to videos, and you will again have regular assignments and due dates. Click on the appropriate class below (near the bottom) to see your weekly assignments.

I know that many of you are dealing with a lot. For example, in some households, multiple kids and their parents are all trying to share limited technology resources. So, pleases communicate with me if the due dates are a problem. I will work something out with you.

You have a couple of choices as to how you do your homework assignments from your text.

  • You can do them on paper and send them to me via email, Remind, or TEAMs. Work has been coming to me in lots of different ways. As long as they are labeled, and I can read them, I can take them.
  • Your other option is to do and submit your work using your online access to Bid Ideas.
    • You all logged in at the beginning of the year. If you don’t remember your login information, let me know.
    • Once you log in, click on Assignments (top of big block). Any assignments that have been entered for you will be there.
    • Do them.
      • This is nice because you have the opportunity to check your answers and, ultimately, work on them until they are correct.
      • Once you have completed your assignment, click on your name and select submit.
      • This is also nice for you because you can click on Reports and see your progress.
    • The way you enter your answers is a little different – it took me a minute, but you probably won’t have much trouble figuring it out. If you do, let me know. I’ll help you.

In addition to me, you have lots of options for support and help.

  • Your text – Big Ideas
    • You can read the sections in your book that correspond to the lessons.
    • Use your online text – remember that when you are logged in, you can click on the little play buttons next to any example or Monitoring Progress problem to see a presentation. A person (prerecorded) will talk you through the problem and show you how to do it step by step – as many times as you’d like.
  • Khan Academy
    • Algebra 2 – I have asked you to log into Khan but haven’t assigned anything specific for you in there at this time. We might supplement our lessons with some of their lessons/presentations later. But, as you probably already know, you can still access topics of your choice to watch video presentations and practice problems if you so choose.
    • Algebra 1 – you have had numerous assignments in Khan, but you too can go in and select topics that correspond to those in your text and homework. They do not have to be formally assigned.
  • Other online sites. Please pick and choose carefully. Remember that your overall goal is to learn. 😊

Please click on the appropriate class below. This is where I will post specific class information, as well as your assignments.

Please note, posted at the right, I have Office Hours for each class. I am usually working on school stuff all day, but these would be specific times you could reach me immediately to ask questions or talk about anything related to our class. I am learning how to Chat and Video Chat, but at first, we might just have open conversations in TEAMs during those times. That way, anyone from class who wanted to watch or join in the communication could.

I miss you all, and I hope you are all healthy and doing well, despite this bizarre situation we have found ourselves in.

We will get through this! Take care of you and yours! 😊


Upcoming Events

  • Quarter 4 Starts Monday April 6th :)

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    Algebra 1 Office Hours

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