Sarah Van Stry

Spanish 4

Jueves 5/16/19

Please complete the review.  You may work with a partner, but please turn in individual work.  You will find a link to the document below, under “Documents”.  (just keep scrolling…)

To review, you may also play this Kahoot game:



Viernes 4/4/19


Find 3 different artists (your choice) from a Spanish-speaking country. They need to be alive and you need to be able to find some sort of a biography about them and current contact information for them. You will fill out the blank “artist” form for each one.

Screenshot 2016-07-27 at 10.03.30 AM


It helps to start with a Google search like “Los mejores artistas del tatuaje de Colombia” or “Los mejores muralistas de Mexico”

Once you have found a specific name you can start to look for profiles on social media, webpages, fan pages, wikipedia in Spanish, YouTube,  etc.

Share with the class

Each student will give a short presentation of the artists they found.

The artist name and age/where they live/type of artist/ pic or short video of their work/why you chose them.


Contact the artists 

contact an artist

What makes a good message?What should it include? What would make an artist want to respond to you?

Compliments–  Avoid really generic compliments like “Me gusta tu arte”. Be more specific… “Me encanta el mural ‘Jovenes’ que pintaste en Buenos Aires este verano.”

Questions – If you can Google it and find the answer, it probably isn’t a good question. What’s something more personal?

Formality – Dear Sir vs. What’s up, dude? Tu vs. usted? Look for other communication from the artist to see what language they tend to use.

Let me see a rough draft of your messages before you send them, please.

The first person to get a response back wins lunch!!  (on me!)  Make sure you screen shot your responses.



Jueves 4/3/19 (Dia nacional de Burritos)

Read the following article about the Macromural in Palmitas.

Complete the worksheet in the link below:



Tag Ejemplos

Jueves 3/14/19 ( El dia de Pi! )

Puedo crear mi propio “tag” de grafiti

Step 1: Pregunta del día
Where do the names “tags” come from? What do they mean?

Step 2: Read + learn about tags
Read the 2 articles  “Como elegir mi nombre artistico” y “Como elegir tu tag”

Step 3: Choose a name for your tag
What name would you use as an artist?

Step 4 : Video – Cómo hacer un tag o firma de grafiti
Watch the video from the vlogger as he explains how to create a tag. Write down three important tips he shares.

Step 5: Create your own!
You could use pencils and markers and make it on paper or use a graffiti app and use tech to do it. There are several good apps like Graffiti Tag Maker, iTag Graffiti, and many more!

Step 6: Present your tag
Finally, share your work of art with the class. You will want to include the following information:

Your tag name and why you chose it.
What the colors/symbols represent.
Did they enjoy creating their tag?  Was it hard or easy?



Jueves 3/7/2019

Using the attached document entitled, Maestros de Arte, complete the Notes guide that you were given.


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