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Spanish 4

Tag Ejemplos

Jueves 3/14/19 ( El dia de Pi! )

Puedo crear mi propio “tag” de grafiti

Step 1: Pregunta del día
Where do the names “tags” come from? What do they mean?

Step 2: Read + learn about tags
Read the 2 articles  “Como elegir mi nombre artistico” y “Como elegir tu tag”

Step 3: Choose a name for your tag
What name would you use as an artist?

Step 4 : Video – Cómo hacer un tag o firma de grafiti
Watch the video from the vlogger as he explains how to create a tag. Write down three important tips he shares.

Step 5: Create your own!
You could use pencils and markers and make it on paper or use a graffiti app and use tech to do it. There are several good apps like Graffiti Tag Maker, iTag Graffiti, and many more!

Step 6: Present your tag
Finally, share your work of art with the class. You will want to include the following information:

Your tag name and why you chose it.
What the colors/symbols represent.
Did they enjoy creating their tag?  Was it hard or easy?



Jueves 3/7/2019

Using the attached document entitled, Maestros de Arte, complete the Notes guide that you were given.


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