Sarah Van Stry

Spanish 2

Lunes 10/1

Click the link below “11 Cosas sobre mi”.

Read the Blog, then categorize the list into 2 columns.  Things that you have in common and things that you do NOT have in common.

Next, using that list as an example, write your OWN list of 10 interesting things about yourself.  IN SPANISH!

Turn in.


Spanish 4

Miercoles 1/2/2019

Ver el video “Carta para los reyes magos” watch?v=VlnpTYpQ7xw

Completar La Noticia: Carta para los Reyes Magos.

Ver el video Villancico de los Reyes Magos y leer la letra. https://

Ver el infografico y responder a las tres preguntas de matematicas.

Viernes 9/28

Ver la presentacion de Powerpoint y responder a las preguntas.El Toro Ferdinando

Lunes 10/1

Using the link, Traje de Luces, complete the worksheet that was left for you.

Make sure that the assignment from Friday is completed.

If you have more time, please look up Manolete and write down 7-10 facts that you find about him.

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