Mike Burk

Sophomore Physical Education


Course Syllabus
CREDIT = .05
E-MAIL: mburk@helenaschools.org
PHONE: 324-2506
MATERIALS: Proper attire and footwear for all activities.

Course Description:
9200 PHYSICAL EDUCATION 2 (Required) (So) (.5 Credit)
Physical Education is required for all sophomores. P.E. 2 will be taken back to back with Health. P. E. 2 is an activities based program where students will be expected to participate.

Unit Descriptions:
PE 2 Tennis, Archery, Dance, Basketball, Volleyball, Lacrosse, Ultimate, Fitness Center, Table Tennis, Speedball, Juggling, Track & Field, Physical Fitness, One Wall Handball, Softball, Roping, Hiking, Rock Wall Climbing, Fitnessgram Fitness Testing. These courses will also introduce students to the Bigger Faster Stronger Program. Students will be instructed on the Six Absolutes of BFS as they pertain to weight training, flexibility, agility, plyometrics, and running skills.

Grade Breakdown
Grades will be based on Class Participation, Effort, Conduct, Respect and Following Rules. Student attendance is vital to achieving proficiency in Physical Education each quarter. A Grading Rubric will be made available to students so they know exactly what each level of letter grades standards are.

Class Rules & Expectations:
• Come prepared for class – clothes, shoes, etc.
• Treat everyone with respect
• Respect the school environment
• Use of acceptable language
• Dress out appropriately every day
• Turn in make-up work for every absence
• Abide by safety rules – No Gum, No Jewelry, Follow Game rules
• Be on time and stay until bell rings

Grading Scale:
100 – 90 – A
89 – 80 – B
79 – 70 – C
69 – 60 – D
59 – 0 – F

F.A.S.T. - Fitness-Agility-Strength-Technique

F.A.S.T. — Fitness, Agility, Strength and Technique
An innovative approach to training – working on a solid fitness foundation while staying focused on each student’s individual goals. The program will include instruction in movement training, injury reduction, linear and lateral speed development, foot speed and agility, proper weight training techniques, explosive power development, and functional strength training. Students are closely supervised as the instructor takes them through an intense 40-45 minute workout and attention is always paid to proper technique and safety.

The workout consists of functionally sound movement training, strength training and conditioning with a strong focus on basic and proper technique. The workout becomes progressively more challenging once basic techniques have been mastered. Training groups are kept small, no more than 5 per group, to allow maximum small group attention and focus on each groups’ goals.

SPEED – starts, acceleration, deceleration, linear and lateral movement techniques, form running techniques, footwork.
EXPLOSIVE POWER – free weight lifting, plyometrics, medicine ball, kettle bell, jumping and landing techniques.
STRENGTH – Bigger Faster Stronger Program, 6 ABSOLUTES, functional strength, focus on major muscle groups and core muscles.
CONDITIONING – Focus on improved cardiorespiratory fitness.
FLEXIBILITY – Various forms of stretching, dynamic warm-up/stretch, myofascial release (foam rolling).
INJURY REDUCTION – Muscular strength and stability, balance and stabilization, correction of imbalances.
NUTRITION – Lessons, tips, advice, lecture, practice.

Upcoming Events

  • October 14, 2015

    Soph PE Ridge Trail Hike

    Periods 0-1-2-3-4 and FAST will be hiking the Ridge Trail on Wednesday Oct. 14.  Students are excused from periods 1-4 for this activity.  Bus will leave the front of the school at 8:20 and return at about Noon.  Check the weather ad dress appropriately.





  • October 21, 2015

    Soph PE Ridge Trail Hike

    Periods 5-6-7 will be hiking the Ridge Trail on Wednesday Oct. 21.  Students are excused from periods 1-4 for this activity.  Bus will leave the front of the school at 8:20 and return at about Noon.  Check the weather ad dress appropriately!


Mike Burk's Schedule

  • "0" Period

    Sophomore Physical Education

  • 1st Period

    Sophomore Physical Education

  • 2nd Period

    Sophomore Physical Education

  • 3rd Period

    F.A.S.T. Fitness-Agilty-Strength-Technique

  • 4th Period

    6th Assignment - Lunch Duty

  • 5th Period


  • 6th Period

    Sophomore Physical Education