Kelley Morand

Hello, I teach English I, English II and Peer Mentoring.  Look for Peer Mentoring news under Upcoming Events and see English I and II lesson plans by clicking on the class links below.

English II periods 3, 5 & 6

English II Daily Assignments:

Tuesday, June 4-6:  Semester Exams.

Monday, June 3:  Do Reading Inventory for lexiles.  Review for exam.

Tuesday–Friday, May 28-31: Read 12 Angry Men and the Bryan Aubrey essay and do the handouts for the play.

Monday, May 27:  No School.  Memorial Day.


Friday, May 24:  Vocab. pre-test TKAM 1 & 2.  Start the play 12 Angry Men.

Thursday, May 23:  Finish logical fallacies and practice them.

Wednesday, May 22:  Start legal terminology and logical fallacies.

Tuesday, May 21:  Finish research paper and turn it in.

Monday, May 20:  Social Justice research paper.


Friday, May 17:  Vocabulary quiz TKAM 1 & 2. Research.

Thursday, May 16:  Research.

Wednesday, May 15:  Vocabulary practice. Research.

Tuesday, May 14:  Day 2, Librarian in to discuss plagiarism and citations. Research.

Monday, May 13:  Librarian in to discuss plagiarism and citations.  Research.


Friday, May 10:  Research.

Thursday, May 9:  Start research project.  Look at the web page and the start reading about the possible subjects.

Wednesday, May 8: Watch 60 Minutes episodes on exoneration of Ronald Cotton and the problems with witness identification.

Tuesday, May 7:  Watch Part 3 Eyes on the Prize film and do questions. This part is on the Birmingham campaign and includes the Letter by MLK.

Monday, May 6:  NoRedInk.


Thursday & Friday:  Vigilante Parade days

Wednesday, May 1:  Finish Letter from Birmingham Jail with sub.

Tuesday, April 30:

Monday, April 29:  NRI

Friday, April 26:  Continued with Letter from Birmingham Jail reading & questions.  Up to OR through periodic sentence paragraph, depending on class.

Thursday, April 25:  Timed writing: Online Schools.

Wednesday, April 24:  Start Letter from Birmingham Jail.  Read the Public Statement by Eight Alabama Clergymen and discuss their complaints about King’s work.  Then start the Letter and questions on content and rhetoric.  Made it through paragraph 4 today.

Tuesday, April 23:  Finish film and questions today.

Monday, April 22:  Substitute today.  Students started part 2 of the first Eyes on the Prize video about school desegregation–about 26-29 minutes completed with questions.


Friday, April 19: Re-do TKAM vocabulary lesson 2 in class.

Thursday, April 18:  Substitute today.  Read “Getting a Job” from the blue textbook on page 412 and answer questions.

Wednesday, April 17:  Finish part 1 of Eyes on the Prize.  Turn in the questions.

Tuesday, April 16:  Started by discussing the TKAM final quiz, especially those questions that students struggled with and the short answer questions on theme, symbolism and irony.  Then we discussed the connection between 1930s behavior and the Civil Right era to come and started the intro to Eyes on the Prize and the Emmett Till story.

Monday, April 15:  NoRedInk assignments–finish parts 6 & 7 compound & complex sentences assignment and take the quiz.  Finish the last 20-30 minutes of To Kill a Mockingbird.

Thursday and Friday, April 11 & 12:  Watch the TKAM movie.

Wednesday, April 10:  Do the Spring District Writing Assessment.

Tuesday, April 9:  Take final quiz over TKAM.

Monday, April 8:  NoRedInk work.

April 1-5:  We finished the book after Spring Break and practiced figurative language.

March 25-29:  Spring Break

March 11-15:  Finish TKAM through chapter 21, view and discuss the Scottsboro Boys trial site, watch and take notes on Prom Night in Mississippi and do the timed write on the film on Friday.

(See student teacher Ms. Boardman for missing work.)

Friday, Feb. 22:  Give out character charts.  Do 10-12 Irony worksheet and start Chapter 13.

Thursday, Feb. 21:  Quiz over chapter 11.  Read chapter 12 in class.

Wednesday, Feb. 20:  Finish Actions Speak Louder Than Words essay, print and turn in with pre-writes (2 pages) and upload to  Read chapter 11 for homework.  Quiz tomorrow.

Tuesday, Feb. 19: Figurative language presentation, Kahoot practice and Quizzez activity on figurative language.

Monday–No school.  Presidents’ Day.

Tuesday–Friday:  Do Jim Crow close read all week and continue reading chapters 5-7.

Monday, Feb. 4:  Start Jim Crow close read.  Do page 1 reading and annotating together.  Finish chapter 4.  Turn in reading questions.

Friday, February 1:  Everyone turn in the Holocaust Rescuers assignment.  Start Chapter 4 TKAM.

Thursday, January 31:  Read and do questions for TKAM chapter 3.

Wednesday, January 30:  Finish TKAM chapter 2 and reading questions.

Tuesday, January 29:  Vocab turned in.  Write a tabloid article on truth versus rumors about Boo Radley–group project.

Monday, January 28:  To Kill a Mockingbird chapter 2 and TKAM vocabulary lesson 1 work in class, due tomorrow.



Wednesday, Jan. 23:  Start To Kill a Mockingbird (TKAM) with student teacher.

Tuesday, Jan. 22:  ACT Aspire winter testing.

Monday, Jan. 21:  MLK day.  No school.

Friday, Jan. 18:  No school for students.

Tuesday–Thursday:  Semester exams.

Monday, Jan. 14:  Work on and possibly finish rescuer questions to turn in.  Typed.

Friday, Jan. 11:  Continue research.  Turn in country questions.  Start rescuer questions.

Thursday, Jan. 10:  Start Holocaust rescuers research.  Give out the country questions.  Read 1 article on the person and one article on the country.  Type answers to the country questions.

Wednesday, Jan. 9:  Finish review for semester exam.

Tuesday, Jan. 8: Review short stories.  List all the stories and literary terms.  Notes examples of each lit term from the stories we read.

Monday, Jan. 7:  Last week before finals.  Turn back papers.  Check for missing assignments.  Start review for test.


Friday, Jan. 4:  Do Timed Write on Gender Expectations.

Thursday, Jan. 3:  Go over timed writing, look at 3 class examples of good Free Speech essays, look at mentor text on Nothing in Excess topic.

Wednesday, Jan. 2:  NoRedInk fragments work.  Hand back timed writes on Free Speech and start discussions.


Monday, Dec. 17-Friday, Dec. 21:  NoRedInk Monday, finish and turn in Book Thief essay.


Monday, Dec. 10–Friday, Dec. 14: NoRedInk Monday, Tuesday final Book Thief quiz on Socrative, go over embedding quotes for essay.  Start work on Book Thief essay.

Friday, Dec. 9: Final quiz over The Book Thief. Watch more of the movie.

Thursday, Dec. 8:  Finish the book!

Wednesday, Dec. 7:  The movie with a sub.

Tuesday, Dec. 6:  Sub chose to start the movie instead of finishing the book.

Monday, Dec. 5:  Reading and start final short answer reading questions.  Sub today through Wednesday.

Friday, Nov. 30:  Read through 462 (Sub came in during 3rd period).

Thursday, Nov. 29:  Figure language practice 2 on Socrative.  Listen to the book through page 441 and finish yesterday’s questions through 437.

Wednesday, Nov. 28:  Continue reading and start questions for 416-437.

Tuesday, Nov. 27:  Finish the reading and questions through page 415.

Monday, Nov. 26:  NoRedInk Diagnostic.  Read through page 388 of The Book Thief and do the first part of the questions.

Wednesday–Friday:  Thanksgiving Break

Tuesday, Nov. 20:  Practice Book Thief vocab.  Take the quiz or wait for next week after checking in.  Read the book through page 378.

Monday, Nov. 19:  Do Timed Write on Freedom of Speech.

Friday, Nov. 16:  Read a final article on the difference between hate speech in the U.S. and abroad.  Watch news story on Chinese social scoring.  Do practice sentences on Book Thief vocabulary lessons 1 & 2.

Thursday, Nov. 15:  Read another article on freedom of speech–“Why you see swastikas in America but not in Germany” and fill out responses for it.  Discuss with a partner.

Wednesday, Nov. 14:  Read an article on the hate speech attack on residents in Whitefish from 2016 and fill out Active Reading Responses for it.  Read The Book Thief pages 349-358.

Tuesday, Nov. 13: Reading quiz on Socrative over pages 325-335.  Listen to the novel through page 348 (or read).

Monday, Nov. 12:  NoRedInk Comma Quiz and practice Book Thief vocab 1 & 2 on Quizlet.  Read 330 or more, depending on class.

Friday, Nov. 9:  Read 311-324.  Finish and turn in Wi-Fi pre-write.

Thursday, Nov. 8:  Read 300-310. Start Wi-Fi argumentation pre-write for practice.

Wednesday, Nov. 7:  Finish the last few pages through 299 and the final question to turn in.  Get final number for attendance to Julius Caesar.  Look at Hitler Youth information.

Tuesday, Nov. 6:  Listened to pages 264-292 (finish last few for homework). Answer the reading questions from pages 268-292.

Monday, Nov. 5:  Comma practice on NRI–Commas to avoid confusion and checkpoint.  Took a practice quiz on figurative language and went over the answers.  Went over 1 or 2 argumentation examples on the counterclaim PowerPoint.


Friday, Nov. 2: Read together in class almost through page 266.  Finish last few pages for homework.

Thursday, Nov. 1:  Start argumentation counterclaim PowerPoint.  Go through example 1.  Read pages 223-238 of The Book Thief.

Wednesday, Oct. 31:  HAPPY HALLOWEEN! Take the 2nd reading quiz (best of two quizzes).  Read through page 222 on your own in class.  Take care of make-up work or read.

Tuesday, Oct. 30:  Present the quilt squares in class.  Read the article on the synagogue shooting to discuss anti-Semitism.  Read through page 204.

Monday, Oct. 29:  Quiz on Socrative through page 185 reading.  Do a comma assignment (parenthetical phrases and direct address) on NoRedInk.  Read through page 196–quiz on Wednesday.  The best of the Monday and Wednesday quiz will go in the gradebook.


Friday, Oct. 26:  Read in class and finish for homework through page 185.  Quiz on Monday.

Thursday, Oct. 25:  Work on Quilt Square.

Wednesday, Oct. 24:  Read pages 143-153, no questions. Start the Figurative Language Quilt Square assignment.  Get the assignment and choose the figurative language.  Write it on the board to reserve your choice.

Tuesday, Oct. 23:  Sub. Morand at Jury duty.  Tuesday read and do questions for page 125-137. Do Book Thief Vocabulary Lesson 2 handout and turn it in.

Monday, Oct. 22:  Sub today.  Quiz through 107 first. Read The Book Thief and do questions108-122.


Thursday & Friday no school, MEA Convention

Wednesday, Oct. 17: Read through page 107.

Tuesday, Oct. 16:

Monday, Oct. 15:


Friday, Oct. 12:  Read and answer questions for pages 3-55 of The Book Thief.  Work on revisions to personal essay.  Questions are attached.

Thursday, Oct. 11:  Start reading The Book Thief.  Finish the reading through page 29 for homework.

Wednesday, Oct. 10:  Finish pages 3-5 of close read.

Tuesday, Oct. 9:  Discussion of close read information via Holocaust powerpoint, turn in vocabulary work.

Monday, Oct. 8: Continue page 1-2 close read and SAT I vocabulary handout.

Friday, Oct. 5:  Holocaust close read started.

Thursday, Oct. 4:  Study commas. Catch up stories and notes.

Wednesday, Oct. 3:  Take the vocabulary quiz over SAT 1 words and Cruelty/Lottery words.  Finish the goldfish story and take notes.

Tuesday, Oct. 2:  Finish the last notes on “The Lottery” themes for 2 classes.  Discuss “The Wife’s Story” mostly comparing the importance of point of view in that story and “The Lottery.”  Start reading the story–“What, of This Goldfish, Would You Ask?”

Monday, Oct. 1:  Discuss “The Lottery” and take notes on irony and theme.  Turn in the questions  and notes.


Friday, Sept. 28:  Substitute again today.  Read “The Lottery” and do questions.

Thursday, Sept. 27:   Practice vocabulary.  Watch Harrison Bergeron film if time.

Wednesday, Sept. 26:  District writing assessment.

Tuesday, Sept. 25:  Substitute teacher today.  Do a close read on “The Wife’s Story” with annotations as described on the handout.  When finished, go into NoRedInk and finish the comma practice there.

Monday, Sept. 24:  Finish the story “A Sound of Thunder” and turn in the reading questions.  Do Daily Oral Language sentences 5 & 6.






English I period 1

English I Daily Assignments:

Tuesday, June 4-6:  Semester Exams.

Monday, June 3:  Finish up R & J  and Review.  Do Reading Inventory now or at exam.

Wednesday–Friday, May 29-31:  Finish R & J, reading and/or film.  Hand out Lessons 5 & 6 vocabulary and R&J vocab 1 to practice.

Tuesday, May 28:  Finish the essay, upload to Turnitin.

Monday, May 27:  No School.  Memorial Day.


Friday, May 24:  Vocabulary pre-test for R & J. Do in-text citations and write the paper.

Thursday, May 23:  Did the Works Cited page for the Teen Issues paper.

Wednesday, May 22:  Science field trip.  Students in class worked on make-up assignments.

Tuesday, May 21:  Finish reading and then watch the film.

Monday, May 20:  Start R & J fight scene.


Friday, May 17:  work on research paper.

Thursday, May 16: Start research paper, Teen Issues.

Wednesday, May 15:  ACT Aspire and PE field trip.

Tuesday, May 14: ACT Aspire and PE field trip.

Monday, May 13:  Watch R&J from meeting Friar Laurence scene through the wedding. Work on NoRedInk active & passive.  I reset the quiz.


Friday, May 10:  Read R&J.  Juliet awaits Nurse’s return with the new. Finish through the wedding scene.

Thursday, May 9:  Read R&J.  Nurse comes to find Romeo and set up wedding.

Wednesday, May 8:  Read R&J, meet Friar L. and Romeo asks for help to marry Juliet.

Tuesday, May 7:  Read R&J.  Finish and turn in Scoop on Shakespeare handout.

Monday, May 6:  NoRedInk, more work on Active and Passive Voice.


Friday, May 3:  No school.  Vigilante Parade.

Thursday, May 2:  Float building day.

Wednesday, May 1:  Substitute.  Morand out for reading essays–District Writing Assessment. Read Romeo & Juliet, most of the balcony scene.

Tuesday, April 30:  R&J continued.  Finish party scene and watch the film.

Monday, April 29:  NoRedInk–lots of work on Active/Passive Part 2 session.  Reminder to do the R&J vocabulary.


Friday, April 26:  Romeo & Juliet.

Thursday, April 25:  Watch Queen Mab scene.  Continue with scene 5.  Vocabulary due today.  Take 10-15 minutes to work on it in class.

Wednesday, April 24:  Watch the video through scene 3 where Juliet talks with her mom about possibly marrying Paris.  Then read scene 4 (Queen Mab scene.)

Tuesday, April 23:  Return Speak essay to revise.  Turn in revisions.  Start R&J vocabulary 1 handout.  Due Thursday.

Monday, April 22:  Substitute today.  Romeo and Juliet:  finish Act I, scene 2 and read scene 3 with study guide and quotes.


Friday, April 19: R & J:  read Act I, scene 2 in class with study guide and quotes.

Thursday, April 18:  Substitute today.  R & J:  finish Act I, scene 1.  Plona discussed Shakespeare background and iambic pentameter, etc. with students.

Wednesday, April 17: Romeo and Juliet.  Watch the fight scene.

Tuesday, April 16:  Start Romeo and Juliet!  Give out first page of quotes and study guide.  Start reading.

Monday, April 15:  NoRedInk.


April 8-12:  NoRedInk.  Review argumentation.  Watch Speak movie.  Wednesday–Complete District Writing Assessment.


Friday, April 5:  Final quiz on Speak.

Monday-Thursday, April 1-4:  Write the Speak essay.


March 25-29:  Spring Break


March 13-March 22:  Finish the novel Speak.

Tuesday, March 12:  Do Timed Write Essay on Driverless Cars.  Print, turn in and upload to

Monday, March 11:  Take lessons 5 & 6 vocabulary quiz.  Read through page 162 in Speak.

Friday, March 8:  Continue reading Speak through page 158 and turn in the questions 116-158.

Thursday, March 7: Lesson 6 practice and review.  Work in pairs to come up with examples for each word.

Wednesday, March 6:  Read Speak and do questions through page 143.

Tuesday, March 5:  Practice lessons 5 & 6 vocabulary on Quizlet.  Read.

Monday, March 4:  Read together and alone through page 119.  Do NoRedInk for about 10 minutes.

Friday, March 1:  Read through page 107. Turn in Lesson 6 work, reading questions and quotation-response chart–Wishbone chapter through Code Breaking.

Thursday, Feb. 28:  Do Lesson 6 vocabulary worksheet and read Speak through page 99 in class.

Wednesday, Feb. 27:  Reading and questions through page 91.  Quotes, as well.

Tuesday, Feb. 26:  Read through page 78 and do questions and quotes.

Monday, Feb. 25:  NoRedInk work on Active vs. Passive Voice.  Read through page 68 in Speak.  Continue with Quotation-Response entries for this week.

Friday, Feb. 22:  Take Lesson 5 quiz.  Read through Wishbone and then take reading quiz–basically pages 50-64.  Hand out Quotation-Response chart.  Do a quote and response for Wishbone and then read Peeled and Cored and do another.

Thursday, Feb. 21:  Read to page 61 (Giving Thanks).

Wednesday, Feb. 20:  Lesson 5 Quizlet practice. Read through to page 49.

Tuesday, Feb. 19:  Hand out the Speak books.  Finish and turn in reading questions through page 20.  Read to page 35.

Monday, Feb. 18:  No School.

Monday–Friday, Feb. 11-15: Finish The Odyssey film and questions on Monday.  Go over the mythology pre-test to fill in all the answers we learned from this unit and the ones we didn’t cover.  Discuss the Hero Journey of Odysseus.  Start Speak on Friday.

Tuesday–Friday, Feb. 5-8: Finish The Odyssey reading and questions with a sub.

Monday, Feb. 4:  NoRedInk common misused words (first 3), Lesson 5 vocabulary.

Friday, Feb. 1:  Finish part 1 of the film and turn in all the reading questions page 1-2 and part 1 film questions pages 1-2.

Thursday, Jan. 31:  Finish the Cyclops story in the book.

Wednesday, Jan. 30:  Read the Cyclops in the book and catch up the film notes and reading notes.

Tuesday, Jan. 29:  Watch the start of the History Channel film through the Lotus Eaters story.

Monday, Jan. 28:  The Odyssey reading together, including the Lotus Eaters.

Wednesday–Friday:  Start The Odyssey.  Reading together and watching the History channel film.

Tuesday, Jan. 22:  ACT Aspire winter testing.

Monday, Jan. 21:  MLK day.  No school.

Friday, Jan. 18:  No school for students.

Tuesday–Thursday:  Semester exams for period 1 on Tuesday.

Monday, Jan. 14:  NoRedInk finish capitalization.  Return timed writes on School Start Times.

Friday, Jan. 11:  Review for exam.

Thursday, Jan. 10:  Review for exam.

Wednesday, Jan. 9:  Review for exam.

Tuesday, Jan. 8: Hand back revised True Diary essays.  Start review for semester exam.

Monday, Jan. 7:  Check on missing assignments.  NoRedInk work.  Finish capitalization and take the quiz.


Friday, Jan. 4:  Do Timed Write on changing school start times.

Thursday, Jan. 3: Go into detail about how to improve Timed Writes and read Slayden’s sample essay.  Discuss bringing in real examples to strengthen the claims and giving at least 2 sentences to the opposition’s argument, etc.

Wednesday, Jan. 2:  NoRedInk work on Capitalization. Distribute Nothing in Excess graded timed writes and start discussion.


Monday, Dec. 17–Friday, Dec. 21:  Discuss living in excess–list examples of excess in gadgets, vehicles, food, etc.  Discuss parts of two days. Then do the timed write on Nothing in Excess topic.  On Friday, have sub make sure everyone turns in their revised True Diary essay.

Monday, Dec. 10–Friday, Dec. 14:  NoRedInk work on Capitalization, read Echo and Narcissus and do the questions (turn in), read Midas and do the questions (for notes), hand back and start revisions on True Diary essays.

Friday, Dec. 7: Read and do questions for Daedulus and Icarus story and Persephone and Demeter story from blue Myth and Meaning book.  Turn in questions.

Thursday, Dec. 6:  Pygmalion story and questions.  Discuss connection to My Fair Lady.

Wednesday, Dec. 5:  Sub. Finish Greek Life films with stories on Perseus and Jason.

Tuesday, Dec. 4:  Sub. Greek Life films with stories on Perseus and Jason.

Monday, Dec. 3:  Sub Monday through Wednesday this week. Myth and Meaning book introduction and questions pages 4-18.

Friday, Nov. 30:  Read Prometheus story and do questions.

Thursday, Nov. 29:  Lesson 1-3 vocabulary quiz.

Wednesday, Nov. 28:  Continue intro reading and questions orange book.

Tuesday, Nov. 27:  Start mythology unit.  Intro questions for orange book.

Monday, Nov. 26:  NoRedInk Diagnostic on capitalization.  Lesson 3 practice sentences.

Wednesday–Friday:  Thanksgiving Break

Tuesday, Nov. 20:  Career Cruising. Be sure to turn in the essay!

Monday, Nov. 19:  Go to library for orientation.


Friday, Nov. 16:  Type and turn in the essay with the 4-page outline, the pre-write, and the page with notes on the different themes.

Thursday, Nov. 15:  Start typing the essay or finish outline.

Wednesday, Nov. 14:  Work on the essay.  Continue with outline work.  Look at my sample introduction and conclusion.

Tuesday, Nov. 13:  NoRedInk–continue comma quiz for the rest.  Do quizlet practice on Lessons 1 & 2.  Fill out the pre-write outline for the True Diary essay.

Monday, Nov. 12:  NoRedInk comma quiz for some while the rest work on latest comma assignment.

Friday, Nov. 9:  Continue work on the essay.  Fill out a pre-write to show both examples and their quotes.

Thursday, Nov. 8:  Go to Julius Caesar Shakespeare in the Schools.

Wednesday, Nov. 7:  Learn the Quote Sandwich for embedding quotes in an essay.

Tuesday, Nov. 6:  Continue work on the True Diary essay.  Pick the topic, pick 2 to 3 examples for the intro and body paragraphs.  Write the thesis statement and put it on the outline.  Start looking for a quote to support body paragraph 1.

Monday, Nov. 5:  NoRedInk Comma practice on commas to avoid confusion and checkpoint.  Turn in missing assignments for quarter 1.  Upload personal essays to for those missing.


Friday, Nov. 2:  Look at 4 topics for literary analysis essay on the novel.  List examples to support each of the 4 topics.

Thursday, Nov. 1:  Watch the Sherman Alexie interview video and do listening questions.

Wednesday, Oct. 31:  Finish the novel in class!

Tuesday, Oct. 30:  Turn in and present Two Worlds posters.  Start argumentation PowerPoint on counterclaim.  Go through example 1.

Monday, Oct. 29:  Comma Practice 2 on NoRedInk.  Read through page 214 in True Diary.


Friday, Oct. 26:  Read True Diary together.

Thursday, Oct. 25:  Work on the Two Worlds poster.

Wednesday, Oct. 24:  Sub again.  Finish the reading from yesterday and the rest of the questions 159-178.  Turn in the questions.  Get the Two Worlds poster assignment.  Start poster.

Tuesday, Oct. 23:  Sub today for jury duty.  Do the reading questions and read pages 150-158.  Do lesson 3 vocabulary work and turn it in.

Monday, Oct. 22:  Sub today.  Read True Diary and do questions.


Thursday & Friday no school, MEA Convention

Wednesday, Oct. 17:

Tuesday, Oct. 16:

Monday, Oct. 15: Watch a documentary called A Class Divided and answer listening questions.


Friday, Oct. 12:  Read in class and do pages 82-98 for homework–“Slouching Toward Thanksgiving.”

Thursday, Oct. 11:  Read in class and read the chapter “Grandmother Give Me Some Advice” for homework.

Wednesday, Oct. 10:  Read and do questions for True Diary through page 43. Practice vocabulary lesson 1 sentences.

Tuesday, Oct. 9:  Hand out and start  Absolutely True Diary and reading questions through page 26.

Monday, Oct. 8: Vocab lesson 2 practice sentences.  Timing lesson 1 &2.


Friday, Oct. 5:  Finish personal essay.

Thursday, Oct. 4:  Write personal essay.  Due on Friday.

Wednesday, Oct. 3:  Finish pre-write and start essay.  Do vocab lesson 2.

Tuesday, Oct. 2: Start pre-write for personal essays.

Monday, Oct. 1:  Discuss and take notes on “The Most Dangerous Game” and turn in the questions.


Friday, Sept. 28:  Substitute again today.  Finish the story and questions.

Thursday, Sept. 27:  Continue reading “The Most Dangerous Game” and doing the questions.

Wednesday, Sept. 26:  District writing assessment.

Tuesday, Sept. 25:  Substitute teacher today.  Start “The Most Dangerous Game” and reading questions.

Monday, Sept. 24:  Finish the story “Brothers Are the Same.” Take notes on the story together–theme.  Need to finish the notes on this story.



Link Crew is the name of the program that puts on Bruin Beginnings–our CHS new student orientation.

Link Leaders are juniors and seniors who want to help freshmen and new students transition into our school.  Leaders should be responsible, work well with others and have a good attitude about school and CHS.

Any 2019-20 junior or senior who wishes to participate in Bruin Beginnings needs to fill out the attached application and get it to Ms. Morand as follows:

email: kmorand@helenaschools,org

phone: 324-2541

classroom: #104

Bruin Beginnings APPLICATION 2019-20

Upcoming Events

  • August 28, 2019

    2019 BRUIN BEGINNINGS on August 28th!

    Bruin Beginnings will start for freshmen on August 28, 2019, at 8:15 in the gym.  We start at 8:20.

    Link Leaders will be trained from 10-2 on Monday, August 26, and must be at the school on Wednesday the 28th by 7:30 A.M. to set up.


  • November 6, 2019

    Fall 2019 Shakespeare in the School presents Romeo and Juliet!

    All freshmen English students will attend Romeo and Juliet on Wednesday, November 6, at the CHS auditorium.

Kelley Morand's Schedule

  • 8:20 to 9:10

    English I 1st period

  • Department Coordinator

  • 10:15--11:05

    English II 3rd period

  • 11:10--12:00

    Peer Mentoring

  • 12:35--1:25

    English II 5th period

  • 1:30--2:20

    English II 6th period