Mr. Warner

Hello!  My name is Mr. Warner and I am excited to be your math teacher!

About me:  I have a wife and three kids.  I grew up in Montana and have degrees from Montana State University and Arizona State University.  I was a construction engineer for three years before I found my dream job: teaching!  I joined a program called Teach For America and taught in Arizona for four years before making it back to Helena to work for the Office of Public Instruction as the Mathematics Instructional Coordinator for the state of Montana.  While that was a great job, I missed my true passion of teaching!  I returned to the classroom at Capital High School in 2017.  I’ve earned my National Board Certification in Secondary Mathematics, I was a state finalist for the Presidential Award for Excellence in Math Teaching,  and I was named a Helena Education Foundation Great Teacher.

Every single person can be successful in Mathematics!  Attendance, positive attitude, and hard work are the three ingredients needed to succeed!  If you ever need extra help I am always available during lunch and after school to help you in your studies.

Course Calendar:

Honors 2 Group A

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Tech Math Group A

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Honors 2

Welcome to Honors 2.  In this class we will be moving pretty fast, we have to cover Geometry and Algebra 2!

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Mr. Warner's Schedule

  • 1st Period

    Morning Duty

  • 2nd Period

    Honors 2

  • 3rd Period

    Tech Math

  • 4th Period

    Honors 2

  • 5th Period

    Tech Math

  • 6th Period


  • 7th Period