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Hi I’m Bill Kaiser MIEE

I am the High School Technology Teacher. I work with teachers and students to further the integration of technology into the curriculum. I also work closely with the district’s Information Technology Department to keep systems and technology running smoothly for teachers.

Here’s some examples of technology integration I have done recently.

Solar Panels at Capital High School and Helena High School.

  • The solar panels at HHS had been installed several years ago with the promise that data from the panels would be readily available for science classes to study. Unfortunately, the data reporting was very difficult to obtain and not available to the public. I worked with Jill Van Alstyne and Rob Holter to install a new web interface to the solar panel inverter. The data from the solar panels is now published to the HHS web page for students and the public to see. Unfortunately, the area near the solar panels had a fire and the data connection has yet to be restored. Once restore, the data will once again, be available.
  • At Capital High School, I worked with Tom Pedersen, Logan Mannix and Jack Isbell to install the web interface on the solar panel’s inverter. The solar panels report live data and can be viewed at this link

Drones at HHS

  • Drones (UAS-Unmanned aerial systems) are a rapidly expanding market in the United States. Drone technology is relatively inexpensive and even casual users can get stunning video and photos. Working with Buffy Smith at Helena High School, we acquired two DJI Phantom 3 Professionals and wrote an introductory curriculum regarding the safe and legal operation of the drones. Ms. Smith is a computer science teacher and this particular brand of drone can be programmed using Java. The drones are available to other curricular areas as well.


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Capital High Solar Panels are LIVE! (Update)


(update) On Earth Day, April 22, 2015, Capital High School was the recognized by Montana Lt. Gov. Angela McLean as one of 13 Smart Schools in Montana. As part of their recognition, CHS also received $1,000 award to support it’s efforts.

Capital High School of Helena also earned recognition for having demonstrated outstanding leadership in renewable energy use, as they installed 40 solar panels, accounting for 10 kW (kilowatts) of renewable energy.

Capital High School has a new solar panel array that is currently generating up to 10 kilowatts per hour of green energy. You won’t see them, however, without climbing a ladder. That’s because they were installed 40 feet above the ground on the roof of Capital’s gym. The system has only been operational for a total of 60 days but has already produced 1.7 megawatts of electricity.

The project started as the brainchild of Capital High School science teachers Tom Pedersen and Logan Mannix and the high school’s Green Club. The group worked with Jackson Isbell of Solar Montana to design a photo-voltaic (solar) system in the spring of 2012. Working with John Carter, Director of Support Services for the Helena School District, they sent a proposal to Northwestern Energy to receive a USB grant. In the spring of 2015, a grant in the amount of $40,000 was awarded to install a 10 KW solar array.

“Bottom line is we will save the district thousands of dollars over the years,” says Tom Pedersen. “ It will pay for itself and demonstrate to students that we are not just talking about green energy, but we are walking the walk and making a real application of green energy that makes a difference. The school can also take pride in the fact that we are reducing our carbon foot print on the planet.”

Tom Pedersen credits the district’s Director of Support Services, John Carter, with the idea to place the panels on the roof. “We were trying to pick a location where the panels would be out of the way and not take up too much space. John suggested we mount them on the roof of the gym and proceeded to help us with everything from designing the system, writing the grant and working with the vendors. ” Solar Montana’s Jack Isbell said, “We really enjoyed collaborating with the district on this project.”

Live data from the solar panels is available to the public. The system is equipped with a weather station for students and the public to access in real time. Bill Kaiser, Technology Teacher/Coordinator for the district, built the public access page and will be developing a kiosk in the main lobby of Capital High School to demonstrate the CHS solar statistics.

CLICK HERE to see LIVE data from the solar panels. (click on “real-time” to see temp and wind)

Office 365 Training

Office 365 is Microsoft’s Online version of desktop Office 2013.

Within Office 365, you can:

  • manage your email
  • manage your calendar
  • manage all your documents, pictures and other files
  • collaborate with staff
  • collaborate with students
  • manage a class notebook via OneNote



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