• Youth Alive April Murfitt


Sponsor:  April Murfitt, 324-2471, 431-3150, amurfitt@helenaschools.org

Who:  All students are welcome!!

When:  Every Wednesday at lunch

Where:  Counseling Conference Room in the Counseling hall

Why:  Youth Alive simply believes that every student and every school matters!

We believe in being respectfully relational without judgement, we realize we are not perfect,  we believe in grace and forgiveness as well.  We are working to be a support to each other and reach out with genuine love to those we come in contact with.  We all have hurts, we all face hurdles, and we strive to be a refreshment and safe place for students to come and experience something deeper than themselves.  If you are curious about our group, please come join us!  We would love to have you!

What are our goals??

So see the Youth Alive program website click here.