Pre-Apprenticeship Opportunities

Capital High School’s CTE Department has created a partnership with the Montana Department of Labor. Together they have developed a pre-apprenticeship program in the construction technology pathway. Students working within the pre-apprenticeship program will develop practical and skilled work experiences based on industry and occupational standards. Students will begin tracking hours that may be used in an approved apprenticeship program upon graduation.

CHS Courses CHS Activities/Certifications
Course # Course Name Max Hours Additional Hours That Can Be Earned at CHS
7100 Industrial Tech 150   OSHA 10 10
71702 Carpentry 1 300   SkillsUSA 30
7190 Carpentry 2 300   NAHB 30
xxxx Carpentry 3 300 Total Hours Earned at CHS 1670
7410 Drafting 1 150 Supplemental Dual Credit Courses
7163 Drafting 3-Architectural 150 1459 Technical Writing 150
7230 Welding 1 150 3356 Technical Math 150
Total Classroom Hours 1600 Max Potential Hours at CHS 1970

This course of study for the pre-apprenticeship program has developed by CHS in partnership with the Registered Apprenticeship Program through the Montana Department of Labor and Industry. The intent of this course of study is to provide the pre-apprentice with industry approved technical instruction, allowing for a seamless transition into a registered apprenticeship program and/or employment in occupations related to the construction industry with possible advancement.


Apprenticeship programs require members to complete career specific training as well as on the job training hours. Hourly wage is dependent on where apprentices are within the apprenticeship program.


The CHS pre-apprentice program can lead to apprenticeships in construction, electrical, or plumbing fields. Additional construction related fields may be able to count hours depending on apprentice sponsor approval.


For example;

Typical Electrician Apprentice Pay Scale
1st Band 0-1000 Hours $18/Hour or 40% of Journey Worker Wage
2nd Band 1001-2000 Hours $22.5/Hour or 50% of Journey Worker Wage
3rd Band 2001-3500 Hours $27/Hour or 60% of Journey Worker Wage
4th Band 3501-5000 Hours $31.50/Hour or 70% of Journey Worker Wage
5th Band 5001-6500 Hours $36/Hour or 80% of Journey Worker Wage
6th Band 6501-8000 Hours $40.5/Hour or 90% of Journey Worker Wage
Journeyman 8000 hours completed $45/Hour


CHS students who complete the pre-apprenticeship program at CHS could be 86% of the way to completing the 2nd band of the apprenticeship program. Potentially, with some work hours, they will be earning $27/hour while their peers head off to college. Within 4 years of graduation, it is very possible to be finished with the apprenticeship program and at journeyman status, earning potentially over $90,000 per year.


Apprentices who complete their program earn an average of over $63,000 annually, $20,000 higher than the statewide average wage. Students who begin their apprenticeship after graduation begin earning a salary right away with benefits and without taking on student loan debt.  90% of apprenticeship graduates are employed in Montana after completing their program. Apprenticeships are good for students as well as for Montana. (Source: MDLI)