Posted on February 1, 2015

Girls Track and Field Update

  • 2/9 – Sign-up/Check in 2:30 Fitness Center
  • 3/2 – Equipment Issue 2:30 Cafeteria
  • 3/9 – Practice Starts – Turn in physicals and concussion forms before season starts.

For more information contact:

Shirley Chesterfield-Stanton
Head Girls Track & Field
Cell 406 459.2555

Posted on February 1, 2015

2015 – 2016 CHS Registration Dates

Incoming Freshman Week – February 2-6th (Current 8th graders)

  • CHS counselors present to CRA 8th grade students Monday, February 2nd.
  • CHS counselors have a booth at CRA Parent Teacher Conferences Tuesday (3rd) & Wednesday (4th).
  • CRA 8th graders tour CHS February 4th.
  • CHS Incoming Freshman Parent Night Thursday, February 5th, (6-6:45).
  • CHS counselors pick up registration materials at CRA February 6th.

Senior Registration Week – February 9-13th (current juniors)

  • CHS counselors present in American History classes-February 9th.
  • Junior Parent Night – Wednesday, February 11th, (6-6:45).
  • Counselors available that week to help with registering Junior class.
  • Counselors meet with American History classes February 13th to register students.

Junior Registration Week – February 17-20nd (current sophomores):

  • CHS counselors present in Biology classes – February 17th.
  • Sophomore Parent Night – Wednesday, February 18th, (6-6:45).
  • Counselors available that week to help with registering Sophomore class.
  • Counselors meet with Biology classes February 20th to register students.

Sophomore Registration Week – February 23-27th (current freshman):

  • CHS counselors present in World Cultures classes February 23rd.
  • Freshman Parent Night – Wednesday, February 25th, (6-6:45).
  • Counselors meet with World Cultures classes February 27th to register students.
Posted on February 1, 2015

Calling all Juniors!! It is almost that time again: Boys & Girls State

The American Legion Boys State and American Legion Auxiliary Girls State teach how government works while developing leadership skills and an appreciation for your rights as a citizen. As a participant in the program, you will run for office, learn public speaking, create and enforce laws and actively participate in all phases of creating and running a working government in this exciting and fun summer program.
It is a hands-on learning experience about local, county and state government and responsibilities of a franchised citizen. The delegates may participate in a Mock Trial and debate delegate-written legislation and they elect city and
state officials.

This opportunity looks amazing on college applications, scholarship applications and resumes.

Girls State 2015 is May 30-June 5 at Carroll College

Boys State 2015 is June 7-12 at Carroll College

Please check with Mrs. Meldrum in the Counseling Office in February for more information.

Posted on February 1, 2015

Booster Club

The CHS Booster Club meets the 3rd Tuesday of every month except June, July and December.
Meetings are held in the CHS Library Conference Room at 6:30.
All CHS Booster Club members are welcome and we also welcome new members.
Posted on February 1, 2015

Army National Guard Academic All Team Award

Fall 2014 – 2015 Honorees:

  • Capital High Football – 3.277 Team GPA
  • Capital High Volleyball – 3.798 Team GPA

The MHSA/Army National Guard Academic All Team Award is given to the top varsity team that exhibits outstanding academic achievement during the school year’s first quarter of play for that activity to each MHSA schools’ classification (AA, A, B and C).

MHSA member schools calculate their students’ accumulative average for the award. Fall selections are determined using only students who have participated in first quarter activities including Cross County, Football, Soccer, and Volleyball.

Posted on February 1, 2015

2015 Senior All Night Party Early Bird Ticket Sales

The Senior All Night Party is June 6 from 7 p.m. to 5 a.m. The cost is $50 per ticket. Buy your ticket between January 15 and March 1 and you will be entered to win a great prize.

The SANP committee needs your help. We are looking for help with the following Committees: Co-Chair from CHS, Calling Committee, Decorations, Games and Hospitality.

The next meeting is February 2nd at 5:30 at Helena High.

Questions, call Diana 461-3060.

Posted on February 1, 2015

Vaccinations for Preteens and Teens, Age 11-19 Years

Getting immunized is a lifelong, life-protecting job. Make sure you have your healthcare provider keep your immunizations up to date. Check to be sure you’ve had all the vaccinations you need.

Screen Shot 2015-02-11 at 2.59.55 PM


If you will be traveling outside the United States, additional vaccines may be needed. For information, consult your healthcare provider, a travel clinic, or the Center for Disease Control and Prevention at

Posted on February 1, 2015

National Honor Society Selection Process

Members of the 2015-2016 National Honor Society will be inducted on April 20, 2015. To become a member a student must be a junior and have a 3.5 cumulative GPA at the end of first semester. Potential members will first be invited to an informational meeting where the service nature of NHS and the resulting time commitment will be discussed. This meeting is generally scheduled at the end of February. Those students who want to be part of such an organization will then be asked to submit a detailed summary of their activities, a list of honor and advanced classes taken (as well as those to be taken as a senior), organizations joined, awards earned, leadership experience and work experience. The applicant will be asked to write an essay, and a contract needs to be signed by the student and parents. Prospective members will be screened for violations of the law and major school rules. A Faculty Advisory Council of five teachers will select the new members. Selection will be based on the qualities of scholarship, leadership, character and service.
These four ideals are considered equally as the criteria for selection. No student is inducted simply because of a high academic average. Potential members and their parents will be notified in the latter half of February of the informational meeting and the timetable for induction. Volunteer advisors for National Honor Society are Shaun Deola and Marianne Schadt.

Juniors who have a minimum 3.5 cumulative GPA are invited to apply for membership after the end of first semester their junior year.

Participation in local community service projects and attendance at bi-monthly lunchtime meetings is required for selected members as is the maintenance of a minimum 3.5 GPA.

Being a prestigious national organization, NHS looks good on a student’s high school transcript when it is viewed by various colleges and universities.

Posted on February 1, 2015

OPI YRBS Survey Facy Sheet

This survey will be administered on February 25th – after 2nd period.
Q. How will survey results be used?
A. The Office of Public Instruction and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention will use the results from the survey to help determine the extent to which teenagers practice behaviors that place their health at risk and to develop education programs and other strategies to help reduce these behaviors.

Q. Are sensitive questions asked?
A. Some questions may be considered sensitive. AIDS is a major health problem. Sexual intercourse and intravenous drug use are among the behaviors known to increase the risk of getting AIDS. The only way to determine the extent to which adolescents are at risk is to ask questions about these behaviors. Suicide, tobacco, alcohol, other drug use and weapon carrying also may be considered sensitive issues. Questions are presented in a straightforward and sensitive manner in recognition of these sensitive topics.

Q. Will student participation be anonymous? Will student privacy be protected?
A. Yes. Survey administration procedures have been designed to protect student privacy and allow for anonymous participation. Students will not put their names or other identifying information on the questionnaires or answer sheets.

Q. Will certain students be surveyed again to see how their behavior changes?
A. No. Each year a new sample of schools and students will be drawn. It will be impossible to track students who participate because no identifying information will be collected.

Q. How was my child selected?
A. Entire classes were selected rather than specific students.

Q. How long will it take to fill out the questionnaire?
A. One class period is needed for completing the written questionnaire, which contains multiple-choice questions. There is no physical test or exam involved.

Q. Does the survey have broad state and national support?
A. The survey is supported by many major national, state and local organizations. Co-sponsors of the Montana YRBS are the Montana Department of Public Health & Human Services, the Montana Board of Crime Control, the Montana Department of Transportation, the Billings Area Indian Health Service, Healthy Mothers, Healthy Babies and county health departments. Nationally, the YRBS is supported by the American Association of School Superintendents, National Association of Secondary School Principals, National Catholic Educational Association, American Medical Association, American Academy of Pediatrics, American School Health Association, Association of State and Territorial Health Officials, Council of Chief State School Officers, National Association of State Boards of Education, National Education Association, National Parent Teachers Association, National Education Association, National School Boards Association, National School Health Education Coalition and the Society of State Directors of Health, Physical Education and Recreation just to name a few.

Parental Permission Form

Our school is participating in the 2015 Youth Risk Behavior Survey (YRBS). Since 1991, this survey has been sponsored by the Montana Office of Public Instruction and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The survey will ask about the health behaviors of students throughout Montana in grades 7 through 12. Questions will be asked about intentional and unintentional
injuries; tobacco use; alcohol and other drug use; sexual behaviors; nutrition and dietary behavior; and, physical activity.

The YRBS has been approved by state and local school officials and has the support of many national organizations, including the National Parent Teacher Association, American Association of School Superintendents, and American Academy of Pediatrics, National Association of State Boards of Education, National Association of Secondary School Principals, National Catholic Educational Association, National Education Association, and National School Boards Association.

Completing this paper and pencil survey poses little or no risk to your child. The only potential risk is that some students might find certain questions to be sensitive. Survey procedures have been designed to protect your child’s privacy and allow for anonymous participation. It is very important that all selected students participate. However, the decision to participate is voluntary.

There will be no action against you or your child if your child does not participate. If you would like to see the survey, a copy is available at Capital High School. You only need to return this form if you do not give your child permission to take the survey.

If you have any questions please contact Mr. Zanto at 324-2472. Thank you for your cooperation.